Southern Gateway Of Malaysia

Yes, I am right now in Johor Bahru, or JB as it is popularly known. The city is rapidly developing, the pace is comparable to Kuala Lumpur. The drivers here are very reckless and drive so fast, if you are driving here, especially if you are not local, you have to be extra alert.

Danga Bay, Johor

Like I said, the cars zoom by so fast, I haven’t the chance to capture any photos. All I could do was poke the camera out the car window and shoot blindly. This one, of a marina club in Danga Bay, is only a handful of photos that turned out fine, well almost.

I have not been in JB for at least twenty years and I totally couldn’t recognise any landmarks. I am totally blur here, honestly but then it’s OK, I’m not the one driving, Hahaha….but anyway, yeah, the Hill Cow has gone South. Keep a lookout for new posts while I try to update my blog on the move.
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