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Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine, Ipoh

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
1. the management and staff of Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh present some of their best items on the menu

Named after the major commercial and administrative centre in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan, Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine which opened its doors for business on July 1, 2015, means that Japanese gourmet lovers now have a higher-end option to dine in Ipoh.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
2. welcome to Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine, Ipoh

This new restaurant is situated in an exclusive part of Kinta Riverfront Hotel and can be accessed independently via its own entrance or from the lobby of the hotel. Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine is managed by the hotel itself.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
3. set-up and ambience of the restaurant

The restaurant is separated into different sections, namely the teppanyaki section, sushi section, dessert room and eight tatami rooms that can accommodate up to 10 diners per room. And then there is also the VIP room, Shou Gun, that features a teppanyaki grill. It fits up to 25 pax.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
4. different sections of the restaurant

All in all, the Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant is large enough for 185 guests at the same time.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
5. Shou Gun VIP room

In today’s post, I am sharing photos of some of the most popular items available on the menu, as recommended by the chefs. The restaurant is headed by the internatioanlly-experienced Chef Cheong Kam Hon and assisted by Chef Adrian who is in charge of teppanyaki and kitchen; Dessert Chef Kit and Chef Chew.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
6. Shinjuku House Salad (RM19), Seafood Okonomiyaki (RM29). Garlic Fried Rice (RM10) & Almond Ebi Tempura (RM32)

For those of you who are unaware, although Japan is a rat race country, Japanese cuisine is to be enjoyed at a slow pace, just like indulging in dim sum or dining in the West. Furthermore, rice is the last item to eat, and only taken if one is still hungry after eating all the other dishes.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
7. Kaisen Kaminabe (RM37), Wakatori No Cheese Yaki (RM25) & Saba Shioyaki (RM19)

My personal recommendation would be the Japanese afternoon tea sets. Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant offers two different sets: Maiko and Masumi. These sets are good for two pax. Maiko set, served in a brown drawer, is priced at RM70 nett while Masumi set, served in a white drawer, is priced at RM90 nett.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
8. Salmon Tataki (RM30), Hamachi Sashimi Jalapeno (RM32), Unagi Hako (RM27) & Crispy Rice (RM16)

As far as I am aware, Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine is the only Japanese restaurant in Ipoh that serves afternoon tea. The small items served in these drawers are so daintily delightful that I felt bad eating them! Anyway, eat them I did. But of course! Hahaha!

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
9. Salmon & Tori Age Bento (RM32), House Special Roll (RM27) & Ceviche (RM13)

All prices shown are inclusive of 6% GST. However, the restaurant does not charge service fees which means more budget for the food. Yay!

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
10. Salmon Sashimi Tacos (RM11), Maiko Set (RM70) & Masumi Set (RM90)

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine is open from 12pm to 10pm daily. Lunch hour is until 3pm, and it is then followed by hi-tea until 6pm. The good news is that 3pm to 6pm is also Happy Hour. During these three hours, diners can enjoy a 15% discount on selected items.

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ipoh
11. a table-full of delightful Japanese cuisine

If you love Japanese food, this is the place for you!

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine
Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites
Add: Jalan Lim Bo Seng, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605-2458888 (Hunting line)
Business hours: 12pm – 10pm

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  1. Wow, nowadays every newly open Japanese restaurant in Ipoh, the price is getting higher n higher.

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