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Sharpened Word: Nation Building with Ninotaziz & Dr Lee Su Kim

Ninotaziz is an award-winning author and storyteller of many generations – daughter of Abang Tik, daughter of Chu Rahmah, daughter of Yang Chik, daughter of Bebunga of Pahang.

Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Ninot Aziz grew up in the idyllic village of Chenor, Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia. Encouraged by her English teacher, Mrs Khaw Choon Ean at Sekolah Seri Puteri, ninotaziz specializes in Malaysian legends.

A regular contributor to various media on the subject of heritage and hikayat, Ninot aziz wrote three anthologies, From The Written Stone, HIKAYAT – From The Ancient Malay Kingdoms and SRIKANDI before penning YA novels NAGA, ONANGKIU, SITI Queen of the Eastern Skies, NIK & The Sunset Ship, KIRANA Dreams After The Rose and BIDASARI & The Djinn.

In 2020, her first book in Bahasa Melayu, Lipur Lara Nusantara published by Patriots Publication and BENTALA NAGA A Makyung Tale set to be released later IN 2020 by Silverfish Books are set to satisfy a growing legion of readers ninotaziz calls her Hikayat Warriors.

Dr Lee Su Kim is the author of a trilogy of short stories: Kebaya Tales, Sarong Secrets and Manek Mischiefs. Kebaya Tales won First prize in the Popular-Star Readers’ Choice Awards 2011 (fiction).

Her non-fiction bestsellers are ‘Malaysian Flavours: Insights into Things Malaysian’ and ‘Manglish: Malaysian English at its Wackiest’.

The latest edition of ‘Manglish, 2019’ is co-authored with Stephen Hall. On the other hand, ‘A Nyonya In Texas: Insights of a Straits Chinese Woman in the Lone Star State’ highlights hilarious cross-cultural encounters.

Su Kim has been involved in tertiary education and cultural activism for many years, and is a TEDx speaker with her talk, ‘A Nyonya Journey’ on YouTube.

Together with Ninotaziz, she is on Sharpened Word today, 26th September at 22 Hale Street. Hope to see you guys!

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