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Sg. Tiang Base Camp, Royal Belum

Sg Tiang Royal Belum
welcome to Sg. Tiang, Royal Belum

The Royal Belum, one of the greatest natural treasures of Perak, is located at the upper corner of Perak state. Visitors are required to obtain a permit from the Royal Belum State Park to enter the area, also known as Upper Belum.

Sg Tiang Royal Belum
it’s a new day

Sg Tiang Royal Belum
reception area

There are currently four base camps here. The photos I am sharing in this post are from the Sungai Tiang camp. The others are named Sg. Kejar, Sg. Papan and Sg. Kenarung.

Sg Tiang Royal Belum
some of the camp amenities

Sg Tiang Royal Belum

This base camp, the nearest to Pulau Banding jetty and takes only 20 minutes to reach by speedboat, is the second largest of the four camps and can accommodate up to 60 pax.

Sg Tiang Royal Belum
one-bedroom chalet

Sg Tiang Royal Belum

Although the chalets are modern, only basic amenities are provided, and there is no TV, telephone or internet connectivity. Vistiors here are expected to cook for themselves, and provisions are not provided.

Sg Tiang Royal Belum
sunset at Royal Belum

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