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Sew Fabby Fabric Craft

sew fabby
1. some creations by Sew Fabby

My friends and I, participants of Kembara Kraf Selangor 2015, descended on Lads & Lassies in Shah Alam recently. The café was converted into a temporary sewing workshop for Sew Fabby just for that afternoon for us to learn to make craft out of fabric.

sew fabby
2. Azzah with a piece of denim cloth that she would convert into a coin purse

Due to limited time, we were taught to learn the simplest task which was to make a coin purse out of denim cloth. The idea was to teach us to upcycle cloth that we are about to discard. Instead of just throwing stuff away, let us make something useful out of it.

sew fabby
3. Azzah with a new denim coin purse that she made herself

We were provided with materials and embellishments by Sew Fabby, and the proprietress, Azzah, gave us a short tutorial on what we should do. Based on our own creativity, we had to craft a purse out of the denim cloth and to decorate it however we preferred.

sew fabby
4. materials required

I don’t remember how much time we were given, perhaps an hour, to submit our work. I now realised that I was so busy making my own purse that I didn’t take photos of ourselves while sewing the purses! Oh, well!

sew fabby
5. our denim purses

Azzah sells her fabric craft products mostly online but she also shares retail space with other crafters at Publika, if I am not mistaken.

sew fabby
6. professionally done by Sew Fabby

It is encouraging that she now makes a living out of her hobby. This homemaker from Shah Alam, Selangor was inspired to make cloth bags and embroidery because of her sister’s complaints of never being able to find “just the right bag”. Her bags were so well-received, it spurred her to set up Sew Fabby.

Azzah of Sew Fabby can be contacted, either for customised orders or fabric craft workshops, at:

Web: www.sewfabby.com.my
Facebook: Sewfabby
Email: hello@sewfabby.com
IG: @sewfabby

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13 thoughts on “Sew Fabby Fabric Craft

  1. Thats a really good initiative. To incite creativity and to encourage people to reuse their old stuff. Amazing how you girls managed to do all that in 1 hour too!

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