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Sembang Seni @ P.O.R.T.

Sembang Seni
L-R: Pak Malim, Aziz Desa, Dato’ Dr. Anwar & Dr. Awang

Initially, I thought that Sembang Seni is like Northern Writers but it is not. It is more like a forum, where panellists are invited to chat about culture, literature, language and all aspects of arts. The topic of discussion for the first Sembang Seni was “Perlukah campur tangan politik dalam seni?” which means, “Is it necessary to politically interfere in arts?”

Sembang Seni
a member of Karyawan Perak poses a question

This certainly seemed like an interesting topic and we had the crème de la crème in the arts scene on the panel, namely scholar Dr. Awang Sariyan who was recently appointed Director-General of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka; Dato’ Dr. Anwar Ridhwan, the 10th Sasterawan Negara Malaysia and Aziz Desa who is currently a programme producer with TV9. The moderator was Malim Ghazali PK, or better known as Pak Malim.

Sembang Seni
Dato’ Dr. Anwar receives a token of appreciation from Pak Malim

The forum, regrettably, went from a discussion on arts to politics and gradually deviated from the original topic of discussion. I’m sure this wasn’t the intent of the organisers. Let’s hope that everyone will stick to the topic in future Sembang Seni sessions.

Event: Sembang Seni
Venue: Koloni Karyawan Amanjaya (PORT), Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Ipoh.
Date: 16th Feb, 2012
Time: 3pm

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