Department of Veterinary Services

Report Animal Abuse to Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar

It is human nature to close one eye, if a problem does not affect us personally. However, if we do come across animals or pets being abused, it is our obligation to speak up for the voiceless.

The Animal Welfare Act 2015 came into effect in July 2017. Compared to the earlier Animals Act 1953, the present law carries a minimum fine of RM20,000 for animal abuse.

The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) is the government agency that enforces this law, thus for report regarding animal abuse, DVS is the appropriate channel to lodge a report.

To report animal abuse, details required are the address of abuser, date and time of occurrence, as well as animals involved. It helps if you include photographic/ videographic evidence in your complaint. Also, make a police report, together with a witness.

Department of Veterinary Services
Department of Veterinary Services

This poster shows the DVS contact numbers for every state in Malaysia. For Perak, it is 019-510 5285.

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  1. The person s number 0195735245 is no more in use. He has retired. Please remove this or darken it. I am his daughter.
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