Rendang Tok – Perak Royal Dish

Despite objection from her husband, Puan Maizul Aini Bt. Hj. Meor Yahya persevered in her home business of cooking and selling Rendang Tok.

rendang tok Aini
1. adding various ingredients into the wok to cook rending tok, under the watchful eye of Puan Maizul Aini (far right)

Twenty years since starting this small enterprise, and eight years after moving to her current factory in Tambun’s Halal Park, Puan Maizul is the proud owner of a range of food products that carry her brand name, Aini. Aini Rendang Tok is retailed by selected Mydin Hypermarket outlets.

rendang tok Aini
2. 5kg of beef

What started off as a passion in cooking has brought Puan Maizul a long way. Winning second place in a cooking competition with an acar presentation was the catalyst that pushed her to aim for greater heights.

rendang tok Aini
3. some of the ingredients for cooking rendang tok

Aini Rendang Tok is prepared using the secret recipe of Puan Maizul’s mother. Other food products by Aini are serunding (meat floss), dodol (confection), and of course, acar (pickles).

rendang tok Aini
4. cooking rendang tok in a huge wok

The 62-year-old graciously shared her recipe with us during a cooking demonstration at her factory in Halal Park. She said that her spices are home-made and her palm sugar (gula kabung) is sourced from one place only – Parit, Perak.

rendang tok Aini
5. lemang with rendang tok

Other ingredients include coconut butter (kerisik), salt, coconut milk (santan), onion, garlic, and not forgetting, beef. Cooked over a slow fire for about eight hours, the mixture has to be turned regularly to ensure the meat is well done.

rendang tok Aini
6. dodol

Rendang Tok, a “luxury” spicy beef dish amongst the Malay community, named as such because it was the first rendang of all rendang dishes, is said to be originated from Perak (some say Indonesia). Back in the old days, it was food for the royals.

rendang tok Aini
7. acar

Over the years, from Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar, the Royal Town, its aroma and popularity spread and more people are able to get a taste of it. Today, it is a compulsory dish during Hari Raya celebrations, wedding feasts and thanksgiving.

To place an order for Puan Maizul’s Rendang Tok, serunding, dodol or acar, contact:

Semarak Mujarab Sdn. Bhd.
Add: D-15, Kawasan Industri MARA (KIM), Batu 7 1/2, Jalan Tambun, 31150 Ulu Kinta, Perak.
Tel: 05-5062307

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  1. Puan, selamat pagi. i’m pauline dari perak juga. i gemar makan rendang. tapi i pernah makan rendang tok; lagi sedap. boleh saya tahu apa perbezaan antara rendang biasa dan rendang tok(negeri perak)?

    adakah dari segi bahan-bahan? atau santan? atau kerisik?

    thank you…

  2. Hi Pauline,

    Rendang Tok ialah hidangan Negeri Perak, jadi boleh katakan resipinya ialah dari Perak, dan tak ada rendang tok “biasa”.

  3. wahhh…nice post and the traditional food need to preserved for future generation

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