Relaxing Full Body Massage at Kelly Reflexology Centre

Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly
1. relaxing body massage at Pusat Refleksologi Kelly, Ipoh

As you are aware, I recently returned from a 6D/5N trip to Kuching. It was hectic and I needed another vacation to recover from one, if that makes any sense. However, with a tonne of work waiting for me to tackle, that was not possible and so, I opted for the next best thing….a full relaxing body massage!

Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly
2. one of the eight massage rooms

I only had a foot massage when I was in Kuching as time didn’t permit a 2-hour body massage. Upon my return to Ipoh, I headed to Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly (also known as Pusat Refleksologi Kelly), which is located next to Symphony Suites Hotel, as I needed a body massage to work the kinks out of my stiff muscles.

Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly
3. foot reflexology in progress

This reflexology-cum-massage centre was opened in March, 2015. There are ten female massage therapists (masseuses) from Thailand and China, hence, customers can opt for either Thai-style or Chinese-style massage.

Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly
4. enjoying foot reflexology on a comfortable massage chair

Besides full body massage for up to two hours, other services include foot reflexology, cupping (ba guan) and scrapping (gua sha). Sorry, no hanky-panky!

Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly
5. ginger extract foot care pack

Like many similar centres, there are two tiers of pricing: peak and off-peak hours.

Here are the rates for the different services:
Cupping (ba guan) for 30 minutes – RM35
Scrapping (gua sha) for 30 minutes – RM35

1 hour foot reflexology (off peak hours: 10am – 2pm) – RM38
1 hour foot reflexology (peak hours: after 2pm) – RM45

1 hour full body relaxing massage (off peak hours: 10am – 2pm) – RM39.90

1 hour full body relaxing massage (peak hours: after 2pm) – RM50
1.5 hours full body relaxing massage (peak hours: after 2pm) – RM80
2 hours full body relaxing massage (peak hours: after 2pm) – RM100

Note: customers who opt for minimum of 1.5 hours full body massage will receive either one of these free-of-charge:

a) essential oil (to be used in the massage)
b) scrapping (gua sha)
c) cupping (ba guan)

Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly
6. the frontage of Pusat Refleksologi Kelly shows the available services

Massage packages are available to reward loyal customers.

Package 1 (RM390 for 11 full body massages from 10am to 2pm):
*Buy ten full body massages (1 hour) and receive ONE full body massage (1 hour) during off-peak hours.

Package 2 (RM500 for 12 full body massages any time of the day)
*Buy ten full body massages (1 hour) and receive TWO full body massages (1 hour) at any time of the day.

Pusat Terapi Bekam Kelly
7. the massage centre is adjacent to Symphony Suites Hotel and its After 5 Bar Lounge

Tie-up with Symphony Suites Hotel
As mentioned, this reflexology centre and the hotel are neighbours. Naturally, they have forged a tie-up to benefit hotel guests. Any guest (show hotel room key card) who takes up a full body massage (1 hour) will receive one of these for free:

a) essential oil (to be used in the massage)
b) scrapping (gua sha)
c) cupping (ba guan)

Note: non-guest can only enjoy this complimentary service with at least 1.5 hours of full body massage.

Coming soon! Foot reflexology service at the hotel lobby with six chairs.

Pusat Refleksologi Kelly
Add: 39A, Lapangan Symphony Business Park, Jalan Dr. Nazrin Shah (Lapangan), 31350 Ipoh, Perak.
GPS Coordinates: N 04 33.701′ E 101 06.729′ (next to Symphony Suites Hotel)
Tel: 016-5964886
Business hours: 10am – 2am

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  1. The prices look reasonable and I think it is always a fabulous idea getting yourself pampered from time to time… Now I need my own trip to a spa or a masseur as well… hehehe

  2. The rate seems pretty reasonable. Glad that you had a good massage session there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks very relaxing dear and its good to have it done from time to time 🙂 Plus the pricing is very affordable as well and what’s more, its for a full body massage. Definitely worth a check out 😉

  4. i love going for massage too, it’s the most pampering time and really good for our body that is all stressed out from working non stop

  5. Prices arent that bad, but the location is insanely too far for me. Need to keep this in mind when i visit ipoh the next time 😀

  6. Awwww~~~ So enjoyable massage. I am not based in Ipoh so can’t try their service but just bought voucher from Groupon, will be having my body massage this weekend. =D

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