Receiving The Nine Emperor Gods

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
1. devotees kneel down to await the arrival of the Nine Emperor Gods and other deities

It’s the first day of the ninth Chinese lunar month today, which means it is once again, time to celebrate the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
2. devotees kneel down and offer joss-sticks by the bank of Kinta River as they await the arrival of the Nine Emperor Gods and other deities

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
3. a temporary altar is set up by the bank of Kinta River to perform a ceremony to receive the Nine Emperor Gods and other deities

Devotees of Nine Emperor Gods from Tow Boh Keong, a main Nine Emperor Gods temple in Ipoh, all dressed in white, converged at the temple late at night on the eve of the festival to form a procession to the Kinta River Bridge at Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street) for a ceremony to receive the Nine Emperor Gods, Goddess Dou Mu, Legendary Third Prince, and other deities from the waterway.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
4. a sifu cleanses the path for deities to pass

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
5. the Nine Emperor Gods sedan ready to depart for Tow Boh Keong

The ceremony, which required disciples and devotees to kneel, took almost thirty minutes to complete, after the sifus (Taoist masters) have successfully scooped items from the river that represent the deities’ spirits, and installed them into ornately painted sedan chairs to be carried back to the temple.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
6. LED-lighted float from Tow Boh Keong, Ipoh

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
7. mediums in trance from another entourage from Tong Tien Koon Temple on the way back to their temple

Meanwhile, other temples that celebrate the Nine Emperor Gods Festival were going through the same ritual at different points of rivers and beaches, to receive the deities to join in the festivities. Nine Emperor Gods Festival is mainly observed in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and even Indonesia, albeit on a modest scale.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
8. another medium in trance

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
9. Tong Tien Koon Temple Nine Emperor Gods sedan

On our return to Tow Boh Keong, we crossed paths with an entourage from Tong Tien Koon Temple, another major Nine Emperor Gods temple in Ipoh, who were also on their way back to base.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
10. Tong Tien Koon Temple LED-lighted float

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
11. a medium in trance returns to Tow Boh Keong

A lengthy ceremony conducted by Taoist priests ensued, and after the deities were safely installed at their rightful places in the temple, devotees were finally allowed to go inside the main temple hall to pray and give offerings to the deities.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
12. the bloodied back of a medium

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
13. The Legendary Third Prince mascot

Faithful devotees from near and far throng Nine Emperor Gods temples in Chinese communities the world over, in droves throughout the day and night during the nine days of festival to pay homage to the Nine Emperor Gods. Some offer thanksgiving for wishes granted.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
14. installing the Nine Emperor Gods in Tow Boh Keong

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
15. deities returning to Tow Boh Keong

At Tow Boh Keong, over these nine days during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, complimentary vegetarian meals are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, at the temple hall. At the back compound of the temple are vendors selling a good array of vegetarian food throughout the day.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
16. entering the temple

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
17. the official ceremony wraps up

Devotees of the Nine Emperor Gods usually observe a vegetarian diet for ten days, including on the eve of the festival, and abstain from eating meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
18. devotees pray to the deities in the wee hours of the first day of Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
19. recharging talismans and amulets

They also remain celibate, refrain from impure thoughts, and abstain from smoking and drinking liquor. This is a form of penance as well as mental and spiritual purification.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
20. offerings of various items to the deities

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
21. a simple offering from another devotee

Meanwhile, those exempted from praying to the Nine Emperor Gods are those in mourning and menstruating women.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
22. pink tortoise buns for sale that are offered to the deities in pairs

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
23. more elaborate tortoise buns

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Nine Emperor Gods Festival
24. the frontage of Tow Boh Keong where the front door is blocked

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
25. Heaven altar

The following is a brief schedule of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival at Tow Boh Keong:

24th Sept. – 2nd Oct. – (from 8pm) Chinese opera performance
28th Sept. – (from 8am) Joint Nine Emperor Gods street procession with Tong Tien Koon Temple
2nd Oct. – (5pm – 7pm) Fire walking ceremony / (from 11.30pm) – Crossing the Fortune Bridge for luck enhancement
3rd Oct. (from 4.45am) – Grand send-off of the Nine Emperor Gods and other deities back to Heaven

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
26. one of the many stalls selling vegetarian food at the back compound of the temple

Tokong Tow Boh Keong
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