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Receiving Joy In A Box, Thanks To Lazada

How is it even possible to receive joy in a box? Lazada has come up with the brilliant idea to stuff a box with awesome handpicked products from their premium partner brands, and send it out to selected people (including yours truly), as preview for their online revolution, meaning massive discounts of up to 90% store-wide that would stretch our miserable Ringgit to the maximum.

1. Lazada's Box of Joy
1. Lazada’s Box of Joy

Lazada Online Revolution runs from Singles’ Day 11.11.16 to 12.12.16 – that’s an entire month of shopping to be done but why procrastinate? Shop now! Just take my money already!

So, what’s in my ‘Box of Joy‘? Let me reveal the items to you one by one…(according to alphabetical order).

2. some of the products found in Ladaza's Box of Joy
2. some of the products found in Ladaza’s Box of Joy

1) Lactokid premiums of a wristlet and two 4-colour retractable ballpoint pens
2) Lazada RM11 discount voucher (which I claimed instantly)

3. Logitech x100 wireless speaker
3. Logitech x100 wireless speaker

3) Logitech x100 wireless speaker
4) L’Oréal Mythic Oil – nourishing oil for all hair types
5) Maggi pack of Thai White seafood tomyam instant noodle
6) MamyPoko pack of twenty gentle baby wipes (99% pure water, alcohol-free)

4. Nestlé products
4. Nestlé products

7) Nestlé canister of Pandan-flavoured white coffee, Cerelac Nutri Puffs, Just Milk full cream milk & Milo sports bag (Ola Bola movie premium)

5. SanDisk 64GB flash drive
5. SanDisk 64GB flash drive

8) SanDisk Flash drive (USB on-the-go) for Android smartphones (Dual Drive m3.0) 64GB

6. Tefal manual chopper
6. Tefal manual chopper

9) Tefal manual chopper

Tell me, how can one not be ecstatic receiving such a box of rewards in the mail? Yes, I found joy in my parcel! Who wouldn’t?

2016 is the fifth anniversary of Lazada Online Revolution. This year’s theme is ‘Brands for All’. As said, these signature products in the ‘Box of Joy’ are from premium brands, which means, these brands are all available at Lazada (www.lazada.com.my). To purchase, just click on the links provided above.

7. product category campaign timeline
7. product category campaign timeline

So, what are you waiting for? Browse Lazada website now, or if you prefer, download the Lazada mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to shop from your smart phone. Join this biggest retail event in Southeast Asia right now! No Dream Too Big, No Gift Too Small! Find joy in every parcel!

click this banner to head to Lazada Online Revolution
click this banner to head to Lazada Online Revolution

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18 thoughts on “Receiving Joy In A Box, Thanks To Lazada

  1. Wow!! I envy you after looking at all you have got! 64 gb pendrive?? OMG!! Nooooooo!!!

  2. I had searched some products on lazadaI I don’t get it on this app that a soap name is = benzoylperoxid acnestar 2.5 soap
    i need this plz I hope you are will be update on lazada
    Not me only many person search this product I want see our improved
    And help the easy to get items
    We hope to…..ur apps have better… Then be more the better ..for Costomber
    Thank you.

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