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nasi kerabu

nasi kerabu

It’s been a year since I last visited the Stadium pasar Ramadan. This could be the final post in my series of posts on Ramadhan bazaars, unless I could find time to visit more before Hari Raya.


ketupat – 70 sen each

grilled fish

grilling fish

Although I have visited this bazaar before and also been to a few other Ramadan bazaars this August, I can never get bored with them because each bazaar evokes different scenes that I love capturing on camera. It’s all the more enjoyable when stall holders are friendly.

Roti John

flipping Roti John

Roti John sedap

customers have to take a queue number at this Roti John stall

This Roti John stall is so popular, customers have to take a queue number. This is the first time I see the queue number system implemented at a road side food stall. Roti John seems to be a crowd favourite this year. Don’t remember seeing Roti John stalls at last year’s Ramadan bazaars. Hhmm, maybe my memory is failing me?


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