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Puppies For Adoption in Ipoh

1. one of the puppies looking for its forever home
1. one of the puppies looking for its forever home

I was in Ipoh Old Town and bumped into a group of volunteers who set up a temporary puppy adoption counter. It was shady under the two huge trees, so I spent some time chatting with them.

2. puppies put up for adoption
2. puppies put up for adoption
3. a volunteer and a pup
3. a volunteer and a pup

If you are looking for a puppy now, leave me a comment and I will connect you to the right person. These puppies are usually dewormed, spayed and vaccinated.

4. the temporary puppy adoption counter in Ipoh Old Town
4. the temporary puppy adoption counter in Ipoh Old Town
5. shady under the huge trees
5. shady under the huge trees

Anyone who wants to get a puppy should adopt and not buy. Adoption of puppies through this group of volunteers is free-of-charge.

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42 thoughts on “Puppies For Adoption in Ipoh

  1. Fantastic stuff, how often do they run the adoption session? Our dog got snatched, suspect the local council people came into the compound to take the dog away as they were doing some cleaning up work in Falim.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I’m sorry to hear about your missing dog.

    The above story is about a group of volunteers, so they do not have a fixed schedule on adoption drives.

    You can, however, leave me a message and I can pass it on to them.

  3. Good day Emily,

    I have a stray puppy which is under my nursery. However, I want to find an adopter for the puppy. I hope you could assist me by passing a message to them and inform me when will be their coming adoption drive.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Emily,

    May i have the contact person details. Would like to adopt a dog as pet.



  5. Is there any adoption drive in the coming days or weeks? Would like to adopt a dog as a pet and guard my house. TQ.

  6. please contact me thru 014-6316234. I would like to adopt a dog as pet. you may find me on wechat too

  7. HI, I AM KESHOV FROM CANNING GARDEN IPOH, I HAVE 7 PUPPIES TO GIVE AWAY. I saw this website just only. My number is 0175092751, pls call me if you can help me adopt these puppies. Tq

  8. Hi Sia Mun Yee,

    Sorry, I am not at liberty to do so. Do let me know what kind of assistance you are looking for. Thanks.

  9. Dear Emily,

    I am interested to adopt a puppy from the shelter in Ipoh Old Town. I saw them and their booth yesterday. However i was busy and only able to passby. I would like to ask if they have their booth there every weekend or everyday. If every day, then i would be able to visit them to adopt a puppy. Or else I would hope for your assistance to connect with them as i will be going back to Kuala Lumpur by thursday 8th Sept. I am planning to bring that puppy back to KL with me. So do help me up.

  10. Hi I lost my puppy one year ago n after that I have no heart to go through the pain again but my daughter is very keen to have one. Is there any pup for adoption at the moment…

  11. Hi there,

    I would like to adopt a puppy.

    Could you please connect me to someone to make this happen?



  12. Emily,
    I am Uncle Rama Ipoh (Sharm’s dad).
    I need 2 male puppies. My present doggie is 77 yrs old (11 yrs x 7).

  13. I am desperately looking for puppies to be adopted as I am a pet lover especially puppies. I hope you can help me out. Thanks.

  14. Hello nisha. I have 3 puppies today that came to my house. They seems to dont want to leave. I cant have dogs here at my house. They are cute. Wish you can take them

  15. hi Emily, i would like to adopt 1 male and 1 female big breed puppy. pls email me if u have it.


  16. I so much want a puppy for my daughter. Please reply. Thank u so much.

  17. Hi there is am looking to adopt a puppy, can you please help us to arrange.

  18. My shih-tzu got stolen and I’m looking to adopt a small dog. Would really appreciate it if you could give me their contact information. Thank you!

  19. Hi, Im Kumaran from Klebang. I had a doberman and she died yesterday (13 years). Im looking for 2 female puppies if anyone is planning to give away.

  20. hi,

    I’m really looking into adopting a golden retriever or husky if anyone is giving away them.

  21. Hi. I’m looking for a guard dog like mixed breed of Rottweiler or German Shepherd for adoption. Do dm me if you have any.

  22. Hi, I’m looking for a jack Russel mix for adoption, does anyone know where can I find one, tq.

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