Proboscis Monkey Garama River Cruise @ Beaufort, Sabah

Proboscis monkey river cruise
at the Garama Base Camp

The fascination with the Proboscis Monkey (Monyet Belanda), took us to the Garama Base Camp in Beaufort, Sabah, to go on a cruise along the Garama River, some two hours’ drive from Kota Kinabalu city centre.

Proboscis monkey river cruise
heading out

Proboscis monkey river cruise
the unknown

The Proboscis Monkey, also known as the long-nosed monkey, spots an exceptionally long nose and bulging belly. The female has a “Pinocchio” nose. They are greyish-orange in colour. This monkey is one of the largest monkey species native to Asia.

Proboscis monkey river cruise
a house by the river bank

Proboscis monkey river cruise
monitor lizard

On our cruise, it was remarkable to see many Proboscis Monkeys, both male and female, in the wild! Earlier, our guide told us that we would be lucky to see even one Proboscis Monkey! I guess, we were all extremely lucky to be able to spot them as soon as we arrived! It was truly a wonderful experience to see them in their natural habitat in the mangrove forest.

Proboscis monkey river cruise
What are they looking at?

Proboscis monkey river cruise
The female Proboscis monkey!

Besides the Proboscis Monkey, we also spotted the Macaque and the rare Silver Langour, as well as flocks of birds which I could not identify; and also a monitor lizard. I had hoped to see water buffaloes and crocodiles, but our luck ran out.

Proboscis monkey river cruise
two more

Proboscis monkey river cruise
bulging belly

On the way back to the base camp after an adventurous river cruise, we were enthralled by the most amazing sunset scene. It was also around this time that fireflies started coming out in droves. What a fantastic sight!

Proboscis monkey river cruise
spot the monkeys

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