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A Powerful Message of Filial Piety, Gratitude & Unity

A powerful message of filial piety, gratitude and unity beyond the family is packaged into one Made-in-Ipoh short film titled “烧鸡与米鸡” or loosely translated into English as “Roasted Chicken & Glutinous Rice Chicken”.


This short film, with a duration of less than ten minutes, premiered yesterday in conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival.

At the event last evening, invited guests watched “烧鸡与米鸡” ahead of other viewers in the country and the world. Additionally, we had the golden opportunity to mingle with the cast, comprising actors from both Malaysia and China.

The cast with Mr Shum (in blue) and Jensom (on his left). Production Manager Don Lee on right of photo.
The cast with Mr Shum (in blue) and Jensom (on his left). Production Manager Don Lee on right of photo.

Although this is a short film, it was shot using the highest standard in cinematography, thus it is no surprise that the film has been accepted to compete in the LA Film Festival and Tokyo International Film Festival. This achievement is believed to be a first for an Ipoh production.

at the premiere
at the premiere

Therefore, even if you are not from Ipoh, you should be equally proud of a homegrown production and take home the profound messages of respecting the elderly, helping those who are in need, as well as understand that unity extends beyond the family. Let’s all learn to be a better person, and it doesn’t even take ten minutes of our life.

Watch 烧鸡与米鸡 (video):

Besides being available on YouTube, it has also been uploaded to Tencent Video and Youku. Let’s spread this 烧鸡与米鸡 message to as many people as possible. Can this video on three video platforms garner a million views collectively within three days? Let’s start sharing!

This Jensom Ng Film is presented by Biskut Foh San Sdn. Bhd., with the story line from the big boss of Biskut Foh San himself, Mr. PK Shum. There are plans to expand the plot of 烧鸡与米鸡 to a 60-minute web film next year.

Here’s a trivia for you. Did you know that despite this short film being under ten minutes, shooting took 48 hours? Prior to that, 780 hours were expanded on preparation for the shoot, while it took another 240 hours for post processing. My, that’s a lot of time spent, but that’s what we call PASSION!

If you live in Ipoh, can you identify the shooting locations? The wooden house is in Gunung Rapat, while the deserted road that the siblings were robbed is in Ampang. The house where the BBQ party was hosted is in Tambun. And of course, there is an eating scene at Foh San Restaurant. Yumz.

Watch 烧鸡与米鸡 (Roasted Chicken & Glutinous Rice Chicken) and let me know what you think!

Image credit: Jensom Ng Production

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9 thoughts on “A Powerful Message of Filial Piety, Gratitude & Unity

  1. Looks interesting, would keep this in my to watch list whenever I have time to watch a movie. Since it’s a short film, will watch it soon!

  2. Definitely empowering and powerful! Short films like this are definitely great to share with for motivation. Someone out there can relate and be inspired themselves with the messages in the movie! Good job!

  3. Beautiful and beyond words. I admit i rarely see films nowadays that teaches good conduct and ethics. I love this shoft films. Truly describes what an Asian family is – respectful to each other.

  4. Such great coverage of the festival! I’m definitely intrigued by the message behind the short film – it’s really heartwarming and refreshing, different from a lot of the short films debuting in the US.

  5. Came across this by chance. Beautiful message. If only we could practise worldwide. Teared up when the kids were robbed. I know how that feels. Overall, kudos to the production team and the man behind the story. Thank you Emily for posting. God bless y’alls.

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