Piggie Family

Those who know me know that I am an animal lover. Those who know me better know that there was once when I loved collecting anything and everything that is in the shape of pigs.

I remember I had soap bars in the shape of pigs, glass pigs, picture frames, piggy banks, soft toys and many other piggie collectibles but I disarded them alreasy.

Last evening, I was at a gift store and I saw this family of pigs. So cute!!! I actually wanted to take more photos but I bumped into a family there. This family is the kopishop owner of a kopishop near my home. So, I left. Bleh… but I still managed to get these two photos.

Anyway, after seeing all those cute stuff at the gift store, an idea came to me. If I ever have my own home, I will decorate it with all things cute. It will be filled with stuff that people buy from gift stores. Heck, it will be one gigantic gift house! I like the idea. I just hope that I have the funds to implement it.
With love

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