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Pay It Forward in Ipoh

I have read about “Pay It Forward” ideas and how we can each do our part to make life just that little bit easier for our fellow mankind who are less fortunate. Pay It Forward has always been a Western concept but I am glad that it has now reached Ipoh.

My friend, Nasaruddin Jaafar (Nas), through his #bantuONE (pronounced “bantuan” which means “assistance” in the local language) charity project that strives to help feed the homeless in Ipoh, has recently roped in the help of Stall No. 3 at Stadium Perak, where the public can sponsor food to his cause.

pay it forward Ipoh
Pay It Forward

A “Pay It Forward” board has been put up at the stall since April 14. Samaritans can go to that particular stall and buy whatever amount and type of food, and mention “Pay It Forward” to the staff. Nas, or one of his volunteers would then collect the food every Sunday to be distributed to the homeless folks in various hotspots. The target reach is 30 homeless people each week.

Through this small act of kindness and with as little as RM1.60 (a plate of noodles with chicken and egg slices), one could make a difference in somebody’s life, spreading hope to those who are down on their luck.

Porridge is sold at RM2.50. The average budget to sponsor a homeless person with a meal pack is RM5 – the pack consists of a bottle of mineral water, a bun, a packet of noodles and a box of porridge.

For further information or to see how you can involve yourself in this cause or to volunteer your time, check out this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/payitforwardipoh

To Pay It Forward, head over to:
Stadium Perak Stall No. 3, Ipoh
Business hours: 6pm to 11pm daily, except Mondays – last minute changes will be updated in the Stadium #3 Tian Mi Mi 甜蜜蜜糖水档 Facebook page
Tel: 012-506 8392

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With love

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