Pasar Ramadan Stadium Perak

Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak
1. Putu McBamboo

Finally managed to drop by the Ramadan bazaar at Stadium Perak, one of my favourite pasar Ramadan in Ipoh.

Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak
2. Kuih Manja - 5 for RM1

I didn’t take many photos as I was busy shopping, but then again, the bazaar offers almost the same fare that were available in previous years, as well as in the other bazaars around town.

Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak
3. preparing Ayam Percik

However, I did manage to spot a few new types of food, such as Putu McBamboo and Kuih Manja.

Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak
4. Lan’s Ayam Golek Madu

Haha, I have to take off my hat to the vendors for coming up with eye-catching names. It is a competitive business, after all. Check out these photos.

Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak
5. Laksa Kedah in Perak

Ramadhan Bazaar Stadium Perak
Venue: Stadium Perak parking area
Date: 8th June – 16th July, 2015
Time: from 3.30pm – 7pm

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