Pasar Malam (Night Market) @ Taman Ipoh Jaya

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dog of a mobile pet stall owner - NOT for sale

Decided to visit the night market in Taman Ipoh Jaya last evening after realising that I have not been there for years. I remember being impressed with the size of the pasar malam the last time I visited. Since then, the night market has grown even larger! The Medan Ipoh night market can’t compare.

white rabbit
white rabbit for sale

fruit drinks
fresh fruit juices

This pasar malam in Taman Ipoh Jaya every Monday occupies three roads, Selasar Rokam 7, 11 & 13, if I am not mistaken. Expect to see six rows of stalls, with 300 stalls in total, possibly more. Besides the size, this is also a truly multi-racial night market in Ipoh that I know of, with Chinese, Malays, Indians and Indian Muslims, doing business side by side.

kacang puteh
kacang puteh (Indian snacks)

mee goreng mamak
mee goreng (Indian Muslim fried noodles)


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2 thoughts on “Pasar Malam (Night Market) @ Taman Ipoh Jaya

  1. Very interesting write up Emily, keep it up.

    We are visiting Ipoh for the first time arriving on a
    Friday and leaving on Sunday.

    Our group is staying at Syuen hotel.

    Is there any pasar malam located around our hotel
    or within a 10-15 mins walking distance.

    Thank you much
    Paul POH

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