Pameran I.T. Fair (July 2011)

PC Fair babes
Avira models

Made my way to Pameran I.T. Fair at Stadium Indera Mulia this morning. Wasn’t expecting much since I just visited PC Show last weekend, and I went more for PC show models, but when it comes to gadgets and devices, there is always something new to see. Before you visit Pameran I.T. Fair, though, do note that you can ask for a RM5 discount voucher from any of the crew members, which entitles you to a discount of RM5 on any purchase made at Pameran I.T. Fair for the day.

cute pendrive
novelty pendrives

Also, if you are looking for iPad 2, one of the vendors is selling it right now at Pameran I.T. Fair. All are “Wifi Only”, though, but all three capacities are in stock. For 16GB, they only have it in white. Well, white iPad 2 is the preferred colour after all. As for prices, they are almost the same as what Apple is selling, except that there is no waiting list here!

tablet computer
Macsonic tablet

A new tablet computer has made an appearance at Pameran I.T. Fair. The brand name is Macsonic. According to the salesperson, this is from Hong Kong. The processor is the same one as the one used in Samsung Galaxy S. The promotional price during these three days is RM899 and it comes with a free keyboard. Normal price is RM999, without the keyboard. The keyboard itself is selling at RM180.

Ipoh City IT Mall
Ipoh IT Mall

Besides the usual gadgets and devices, I finally found out the location of the proposed Ipoh IT Mall (or Ipoh City IT Mall). It will be built on the corner lot just before SMK Convent, Ipoh. To be clearer, it is opposite SJK (C) Sam Tet, Ipoh, across the road from the junction of Thong Sui Kai. The developer, Kow Kien Corp. Sdn. Bhd., is here to receive bookings for the service apartments and retail lots.

online gaming
game posters

A tour company from KL is also here. They are almost giving away free travel packages. For RM20, you can “buy” a voucher that will entitle you and a companion to a 3D2N holiday package to any of these cities: Chengdu, Beijing, Guilin, South Korea, Bali, Hong Kong, Perth and Taiwan. These holiday packages include meals, accommodation and a guide. You still have to pay miscellaneous fees and air tickets, unfortunately! Now, when is Air Asia going to run their next sale?

Event: Pameran I.T. Fair
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh
Date: 15th – 17th, 2011
Time: 10am to 10pm

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