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Paloh Food Paradise @ Bercham, Ipoh

Paloh Food Paradise
irresistible Ipoh white coffee

I discovered this food court a few days ago, while passing by Bercham. Paloh Food Paradise, as it is known, is hidden between a car wash business and the new Giant Hypermarket, opposite the main road from Tesco Extra in Bercham, Ipoh.

Paloh Food Paradise
Paloh Food Paradise @ Bercham, Ipoh

This relatively new food court, in business for only two months, is huge, and offers almost thirty different kinds of food, from local delights to Japanese food. Yes, you read right. The name of the stall is Suntei Sushi. Bibi Popiah’s crispy finger food is a popular choice too.

Paloh Food Paradise
Bibi Popiah - one of the many stalls

One of the must-haves at Paloh Food Paradise has got to be their popular white coffee (top pic). It’s a “must try” even if you don’t fancy coffee ordinarily. The good news is that from now until 31st March, 2012, there is a 20% discount on all drinks from 7am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Paloh Food Paradise
the spacious food court

Visit Paloh Food Paradise and let me know what you think.

Paloh Food Paradise
Add: Plot 38, Mukim Ulu Kinta, Daerah Kinta, Perak. (beside Giant Hypermarket, Bercham, Ipoh)
GPS Coordinates: N 04 37.496′ E 101 7.123′

Business hours: 7am – midnight daily

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3 thoughts on “Paloh Food Paradise @ Bercham, Ipoh

  1. most of my friends give a negative comments on the food & their price (slightly higher) after they’ve frequent this Paloh Food Paradise.

  2. I find Ipoh scattered as in if you don’t have a car, you can’t go anywhere unless you don’t mind spending on expensive taxi fares. Therefore for the tourist, it is a put off. But for local visitors, it is just fine as they have cars and can go anywhere they please, including visitors driving from Singapore or Thailand. Therefore the government should have a greater vision and plan for places you’ve introduced. I am sure Paloh food paradise can attract more visitors if the think tank team put all the brains together and come up with a grander vision for the area. Bercham is not quite developed even though there is the shopping complexes. In fact Ipoh itself does not have a good plan. Like I said, it is scattered.

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