PAIA Exhibition and Conference 2010 @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (24th – 26th Sept)

Yes, I am back from my visit to PAIA Exhibition and Conference 2010. Unfortunately, there’s not much information that one could gather on this exhibition and conference on the internet. A lot of people even wondered what PAIA means. Well, PAIA stands for “Property And Investors Alliance”.

PAIA Exhibition and Conference
PAIA Exhibition and Conference 2010 @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

If you are looking at property investment, this is probably a good place to start. Here, you will be introduced to plenty of property investment opportunities, not only in the Klang Valley but also in other fast developing states in Malaysia (e.g. Melaka) and also foreign property investments in countries like Australia and New Zealand, two countries which hold the most appeal to Malaysians. Oh yes, I almost forgot Bali.

Property & Investors Alliance
Property & Investors Alliance

Besides property investments, there are also other business opportunities, wealth management and also, when I was there, a talk on will writing. People who attend PAIA Exhibition and Conference are presumably “wealthy”, so having a will prepared, and prepared properly, is very important. And how could we not have credit card sales there too?

property investment opportunities
PAIA Gala Night

Do you know that the freebie lover me was quite disappointed that no exhibitor bothered to give me any freebies? SOB!!! Don’t I look like a worthy visitor whom they could convert into a client? Maybe I don’t look like a wealthy tai-tai. Wait, I’m not even one. Oh, well! However, I enjoyed myself looking at architectural models of all the property developments. LOL

myHabitat2 Serviced Studios

Anyway, this is just an introductory post on my visit to PAIA Exhibition and Conference 2010 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) on the first day of the exhibition. For more information on PAIA, event schedule and exhibitors over these three days, click and do stay tuned for more on my visit to PAIA at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

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  1. Hi Emily,
    Where can I find the information about the foreign property investments in country like New Zealand in this PAIA? Thanks.

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