Orchid Competition & Promotion

orchid competition
1. Grand Champion Vasco Wiboon Velvet owned by Teoh Ah Wang

Also held in conjunction with Ipoh City Day 25th Silver Jubilee anniversary, this 6-day orchid competition and promotion at Dataran MBI in Ipoh, attracted entries among serious orchid enthusiasts.

orchid competition
2. Reserved Champion Vanda Panchara Delight owned by Teoh Ah Wang

orchid competition
3. 1st place Dendrobium named Enobi Purple owned by Tony Tan

Organised by Ipoh Orchid Society (Persatuan Orkid Ipoh) and Ipoh City Council, with the aim of creating more orchid hobbyists, I think the society needs to generate better awareness amongst the public by at least updating their abandoned official website.

orchid competition
4. also 1st place in its category named Epi Rose Valley owned by Mrs M. Rajah

orchid competition
5. Champion Phalaenopsis

Anyway, although I can’t tell a good orchid from a bad one, I believe the competition was stiff, judging from the winning entries.

orchid competition
6. other orchids on display

orchid competition

Let me share with you some photos of orchids that I took, not only champion orchids but also those that were exhibited and put up for sale.

orchid competition

orchid competition

Oh yes, I loved the orchid souvenirs. At least, they don’t need taking care of!

orchid competition
10. orchid souvenirs

Event: Pertandingan dan Promosi Orkid (Orchid Competition & Promotion)
Venue: Dataran MBI, Ipoh
Date: 3rd – 8th July, 2013
Time: full day

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