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Off The Grid 2024

The inaugural Off The Grid 2024 (OTG 2024) kicked off on 23rd Feb 2024. Presented by Art of Speed Malaysia (AOS), this three-day event is slated to be the largest annual outdoor lifestyle event in Malaysia. Inspired by Japan’s ‘FIELDSTYLE’, OTG 2024 is expected to receive approximately 30,000 visitors over these three days.

OTG 2024 is hosted at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS) – inside Hall A – with an area of 150,000 sq. ft. along with 4 acres of outdoor area.

OTG 2024 begins from 10am until 10pm, and there is still just one more day left.

Tickets can be purchased via the official website https://otg.artofspeedmy.com/ticket/ while still available.


Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enjoyer or a newcomer curious to learn more about this lifestyle, you’ll be sure to find a particular brand to pique your interest from the wide range of participating vendors. Among the top vendors taking the spotlight in Hall A are:

MONTANIC ADVENTURE STORE – Montanic Adventure Store is an establishment which originated from Brunei back in 2000. After six years, they expanded internationally and officially launched their first branch in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia. After that, they opened a second branch in Kota Kinabalu in 2010. Following more success, they were able to open a fourth store in Seria, Brunei in 2013, and as of date they have a new store in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. They carry more than 30 brands in their store including KZM, DOD, Stanley, and many more.

ANBOT STORE – Founded and established in 2015, ANBOT is an online store which sells a large selection of leisure, outdoor and lifestyle equipment. They have an esteemed distinction as an authorised reseller for numerous international brands, including Fjällräven and Naturehike.

CAMPGURU – CampGuru is a brand new local store located in Petaling Jaya and recently launched a shop in Johor Bahru, carrying with them a variety of camping brands such as Vidalido, Mobi Garden and Naturehike. CampGuru is notable for being active in organising events, camping activity, community meet-ups and more.

EIGER ADVENTURE – Eiger Adventure (EIGER) was founded in 1989 as a brand providing equipment and gear for the lifestyles of nature enthusiasts. Eiger was born in Indonesia with the aim of being a companion and protector for anyone wanting to explore the tropical wilderness, especially in Indonesia. Eiger also aims to promote the name of Indonesia and the quality of Indonesian products on the international stage, particularly in the fashion retail industry. Eiger has focused its products on natural activities in tropical climates, which is reflected in three Eiger product categories: Mountaineering, Riding, and Eiger 1989 (Lifestyle). Eiger recently opened its first Malaysian store located at MyTown in Kuala Lumpur and OTG 2024 is their first appearance at a local event in Malaysia.

Visitors can find established names familiar to the outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, which include Pahlawan Store, Outside Malaysia, EcoFlow, and many more. For the outdoor lover also looking to give their vehicle that extra feature, there are vendors catering to your rides, such as TJM 4×4, Titan Suspension, and NoEqual & Kuzig.

Camping products and brands that visitors can look forward to at OTG 2024:
● Tillak
● Iwatani
● Snow Peak
● Chums
● Cargo Container
● Black Dog
● Camping Moon
● Fiskars
● Aeroklas
● Nite Core
● Kinabalu Peak
● And many more

What is an outdoor lifestyle without coffee? After all, brewing hot coffee over a fire has been a longtime culture and deep-rooted tradition of the outdoor lifestyle. If the aroma of coffee activates neurons in your brain then make sure to stop by Brew Festa – a slow bar concept with an outdoor/camping theme.

But what is a “slow bar”? If this is your first time hearing the term, it is a coffee bar where the baristas take their time to make the coffee. Often they use slow-brewing techniques for a hands-on approach which gives time for the barista to have a chat with you for a more personalised service.

Meat, meat and more meat. Need we say more? What better way to utilise an outdoor campfire than sticking meat over an open flame for that good old bbq goodness.

Leave it to MeatXpert Premium Butcher to host the BBQ Showdown. 6 brands (competitors), premium meats and cuts, all-day barbeque, and plenty of satisfied bellies. Carnivores should definitely not miss this “meatstravaganza” – grilling outdoors next to Hall A.

Only got twenty dollars in your pocket? Hunting for that vintage drip? Looking for a come-up? Say less.

Quoting Macklemore aside, visitors are sure to find cool pre-loved items at bargain prices at the Makers Jamboree & Pasor Dinda Ladies Market. Pasor Dinda is all about the thrift shop vibe, and the ladies from Kuantan, Pahang not only curate the flea market, but they also decorate the entire OTG 2024 setup with art installations and also the artisan village.

After all, the outdoor lifestyle is a family affair and OTG has plenty of additional activities to cater for everyone of all ages. These include:

● Skimpool (or skimboarding pool) – This a water sport that involves riding a thin board, known as a skimboard, over a thin layer of water. The sliding moves and techniques are similar to skateboarding. The skimpool is organised by La Rocka (from Kota Bahru, Kelantan) at the outdoor area OTG Wet Park.
● Surf Skate – by La Rocka
● Roller Disko – There is a dedicated area inside Hall A for some groovy roller disco skating
● Strider Cup by @Striderskidsmalaysia
● Hourly Lucky Draw – This is open to all visitors who spend RM100 in a single receipt. Total prizes worth RM50,000 are given away including camping equipment, brand merchandise, outdoor apparel and more.

There is traditional and acoustic performances, a camper van meet-up and gathering, Mini RC Crawler hobbyists, and many more at OTG 2024.

Event: Off The Grid 2024
Venue: Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS), Selangor
Date: 23rd – 25th Feb 2024
Time: 10am – 10pm

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