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“A Nyonya Affair” – Solo Art Exhibition by Sherin Ng

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
Sherin Ng, the artist

Painted over a span of 3.5 years, artist Sherin Ng Lay Hwa’s 32 pieces of art show a great appreciation for Peranakan heritage and culture.

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
the gallery

Sherin, as she is warmly called, is not descended from the Peranakan Baba Nyonya heritage but was deeply influenced by her grandmother, Madam Tan Siew Kim, who lived a Peranakan lifestyle and kept a treasure trove of Nyonya clothing and other items.

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
some of these items for sale are painted by Sherin Ng

A self-taught artist, Sherin’s first love is watercolour, but progressed to acrylic. Since becoming a full-time artist, Sherin has more time to experiment with various styles of painting and have blended Peranakan patterns with batik motifs on canvas. And because of this, found it appropriate to use wax on all paintings to give them a deeper meaning.

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
a blend of Peranakan culture and batik

Said Sherin, “Wax is used as a distinctive medium and to accentuate and identify with the rich heritage of our culture.”

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
some of the exhibits

Although born in Taiping and spent her early childhood in Penang before relocating to Ipoh, Sherin, who considers herself an Ipoh girl, is happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the community here, hoping that Ipohites would enjoy a more vibrant arts scene now that there is a proper platform for artists to showcase their work.

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
a piece from the Nyonya Series

Named “A Nyonya Affair” with the tagline “Our past is our life and makes us who we are”, Sherin hopes her paintings in her first solo exhibition will invoke a sense of curiosity among the younger generation to find out more about their heritage while they still have the chance to do so, and have a better appreciation for it.

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
and another

Sherin’s art, whereby selected pieces at this exhibition are for sale, is definitely more than meet the eye. It has to be felt with the heart.

Sherin Ng Nyonya artist
visitors discussing about the art

Event: “A Nyonya Affair” – Solo Art Exhibition by Sherin Ng
Venue: Sepaloh Art Centre, Ipoh
Date: 23rd Aug – 16th Sept, 2014 (daily except Mondays)
Time: 10am – 5pm

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