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Ngdawiyah Ismail Solo Exhibition in Ipoh

Fine artist and sculptor Ngdawiyah Ismail, or more popularly known as Gie, is currently holding a solo exhibition at Impiana Hotel Ipoh (Mezzanine Floor).

Running for two months, the exhibition themed “Rentak Sikunang-kunang, Rentak Di Amanjaya”, there are 66 pieces of art being exhibited. They are priced from RM500 up to RM30,000.

Ngdawiyah Ismail Solo Exhibition

Gie is a multi-talented artist who began her career at the age of 15. She has dedicated her life to creating new and meaningful art which expresses her personal perspective and understanding life’s captivating moments through her work.

Explained Gie about her passion in art, “When I create my painting, I’m confined to the feeling of delight, serenity and complete passion that allows me to tap into the child within me that wanders off into her world of fantasy to discover the myriad of mysteries around her.”

To date, Gie, from Gerik, Perak, has clocked 25 years of experience in the art and design industry and has sold some 230 artwork to collectors, including the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato’ Sri Najib Razak.

Impiana Hotel Ipoh is the main sponsor of the event, with a sponsorship amount worth RM300,000. Way to go to support a local artist!

Follow Gie’s art journey on her Facebook page.

Event: Ngdawiyah Ismail Solo Exhibition
Venue: Impiana Hotel Ipoh
Date: 1st Oct to 30 Nov, 2015
Time: all day

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5 thoughts on “Ngdawiyah Ismail Solo Exhibition in Ipoh

  1. Wow she is so talented as she start her career when she is just 15 years old. Will you attend the exhibition too? So that we can enjoy the arts by Ngdawuyah Ismail <3

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