New Normal Birthday Celebration with Food Delivery

2020 is a year that is full of challenges; forcing us out of our comfort zone, adapting to the pandemic, adopting a new technology-based lifestyle, thinking out of the box, and riding the waves as best as we can, to hopefully ring in a brand new year in one piece.

Adhering to my new normal was celebrating my birthday at home, with family. Previously, when there were no travel restrictions, I usually was out of town during my birthday. Well, not this year. 2020 has seen most of us grow roots!

And no more dining out, too. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that we have to cancel our celebration. The occasion can be just as joyful and the meal similarly memorable although served at home. Of course, there would be a few dishes to wash but that’s no big deal.

delivery arrives from Weil Hotel's Yuk Sou Hin and Tiffin Restaurant
delivery arrives from Weil Hotel’s Yuk Sou Hin and Tiffin Restaurant

After browsing through a few menus, I finally decided to mix n’ match from different outlets. From Yuk Sou Hin was the Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood (half bird). Undeniably, I had savoured this mouth-watering dish before at the same restaurant, when we could dine in and socialise (wait, that was just months ago!). So, this was a good opportunity for my parents to have a taste of the duck, a signature item of Yuk Sou Hin at Weil Hotel Ipoh.

Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood enclosed
Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood enclosed

Priced at RM45 for half bird and RM88 for whole bird, my order was placed in a flat box, similar to a pizza box, for convenience in delivery (or takeaway).

Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood (half bird)
Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood (half bird)

By the way, do you know that preparing the fowl takes several hours, before it is finally smoked with China-imported lychee wood, to bring out its full-bodied unique aroma? Although this tender and juicy duck with crispy skin can be enjoyed as is, it is da bomb when complemented with Yuk Sou Hin’s house-made sour plum sauce that is slightly sourish and sweetish with a tinge of chilli.

Then, to accompany the MSG-free smoked duck, I had a 12″ pizza from Tiffin Restaurant, from their new pizza menu, that is also available for takeaway and delivery from 11am until 8pm daily.

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza from Tiffin Restaurant, Weil Hotel Ipoh

There are five different toppings (or flavours) for these thin-crust pizzas, with prices ranging from RM22 to RM38. I had the Margherita Pizza at RM22. Others on the menu are Mushroom with fresh herbs & truffle oil (RM28), Chicken Enchilada (RM28), Apple and Thyme Breakfast (RM34) and Garlic Shrimp Alfredo Pizza (RM38).

Tiffin Restaurant pizza menu
Tiffin Restaurant pizza menu

Then, like the birthday parties of my childhood, I added KFC to the meal. Back then, KFC was a luxury and one could only indulge in them on birthdays. Times have changed, of course, but the tradition has remained.

add on KFC
add on KFC

As you can see, even a modest home celebration can be just as great. In fact, the introvert in me much prefers this quiet celebration. At least, there wouldn’t be a sudden blaring of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song if the F&B staff gets wind of the birthday celebration.

Yuk Sou Hin menu
Yuk Sou Hin menu

Order Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood or other dishes from Yuk Sou Hin (10% off for minimum spend of RM80) and/or pizza from Tiffin Restaurant. You can opt for takeaway or delivery. Enjoy free delivery for minimum order of RM50, otherwise, fee of RM7 is applicable. Coverage area is Ipoh.

Place your order via WhatsApp at +6012-502 9228 or call +605-208 2228.

For takeaway:
Weil Hotel Ipoh
Add: 292, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.

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