New Concept Duck Dishes From Restaurant SYW

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
1. lunch fit for a queen at Restaurant SYW in Ipoh

Gearing up to the 40th anniversary (1976 – 2016) of the Sun Yeong Wai brand is its new modern concept restaurant in the heart of Ipoh City, simply named Restaurant SYW.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
2. signature pipa duck - RM17 (quarter portion)

The Sun Yeong Wai name is no stranger to Ipohites who love their fix of duck, particularly crispy roasted duck. The original eatery is the double-shoplot in Taman Ipoh Jaya near Ampang Jaya and the second branch is at Bandar Baru Medan, near Ipoh Garden East.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
3. poached duck meat salad – RM10.90

With this new eatery opened in mid-March this year, spotting a classy black façade, Restaurant SYW is the first outlet of the new, modern concept managed by Sun Yeong Wai. This brand aims to cater to the younger generation who are more into a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
4. claypot duck porridge – RM8

Setting itself apart from the original eateries are a number of items on the menu that are only available at Restaurant SYW. Among them are Claypot Duck Porridge, Poached Duck Meat Salad and making a comeback is the secret family recipe of Claypot Ginger Duck.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
5. claypot assam grouper fish – RM12

Obviously, time-honoured signature duck dishes that Sun Yeong Wai is so well-known for are also available here. Don’t miss out on the succulent dong quai roasted duck or the drier but crispier pipa duck.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
6. claypot ginger duck – RM26

To any Chinese, a meal would be incomplete without accompanying either of the above duck dishes with roasted pork, roasted chicken or barbecue pork.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
7. claypot sour n spicy vegetables – RM6

When an opportunity arose for my family and I to dine at Restaurant SYW, I admit, I had my reservations. Duck has never been my preferred fowl dish, except for roasted duck, because I don’t fancy its usually gamey taste.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
8. roasted pork - RM17

However, I would say that Restaurant SYW has passed the test of my palate with flying colours. I have been told that gaminess of the ducks had been overcome with the marinades.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
9. barbeque pork (RM17) with a drink of pumpkin with barley (RM3)

By the way, my lunch of all the above dishes was washed down with the healthy beverage combo of pumpkin with barley, and the newly introduced refreshing jackfruit smoothie, that has retained its natural sweetness.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
10. a drink of jackfruit smoothie (RM7.70) – a newly introduced beverage at Restaurant SYW as well as the other two Sun Yeong Wai outlets

Restaurant SYW is totally worth a try. With soft music in the background creating a cosy ambience, dining here in this preserved old shop-house will certainly present a different experience compared to the Sun Yeong Wai that we know and love.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
11. introducing the new Restaurant SYW in Ipoh

As you can see from the prices that I have included here, indulging in a meal (non-halal) at Restaurant SYW is budget-friendly. Besides, prices here are GST-free, which means, more value for our Ringgit!

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
12. on the first floor

This is a three-storey building but currently only the first two floors are open to sit-down diners. The restaurant can cater to about sixty pax simultaneously, comfortably. The second floor will spot a different concept that would only be unveiled in due time.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh
13. the frontage of Restaurant SYW in Ipoh – second lot with classy black exterior - you can't miss the huge yellow SYW logo

Restaurant SYW
Add: 63, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605-2413771
Facebook: Restaurant SYW

GPS Coordinates: N 04° 35.698′ E 101° 5.093′

Business hours: 11am – 9pm daily except Wednesday

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