Myth Eatery & Bar, Ipoh

Myth Ipoh
1. the bar

As one of two eateries flanking both sides of M Boutique Hotel, the other being Signature Old Town White Coffee, Myth Eatery & Bar enjoys a steady stream of diners throughout the day not only because of the Western cuisine and wine served, additionally it is also a great place for creative photo-taking. Myth Eatery & Bar certainly goes into my list of Top Ipoh Cafés for Instagrammers.

Myth Ipoh
2. decorative table

Myth Ipoh
3. zebra

Guests of M Boutique Hotel receive a complimentary breakfast voucher to be redeemed at either Myth Eatery & Bar or Signature Old Town White Coffee. Myth’s breakfast menu was unfortunately rather uninspiring, with only three breakfast sets to select from, plus tea or coffee as beverage.

Myth Ipoh
4. rustic and homey

Myth Ipoh
5. lounge

Although the website of M Boutique Hotel lists Myth Eatery & Bar as part of the hotel facilities, I was informed that both Myth and Signature Old Town White Coffee are standalone establishments, with special arrangements with the hotel.

Myth Ipoh
6. chandelier

Myth Ipoh
7. the menu

Myth is actually a sister café of Jose & Deli Eatery. If you’ve been to both, I’m sure you’d recognise the zebras and canisters used as decorative items.

Myth Ipoh
8. Western breakfast

Myth Eatery & Bar
Add: 12, Hala Datuk 5, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-2548133

Business hours: 8am – 12am daily

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