Mutiara Perak Awards 2012 Gala Night

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Mutiara Perak Awards Gala Night
Datin Julie Song receiving her Women of Aspiration Award - Hospitality category

Who was awarded what? Let’s see…

Women of Vision Awards:

Category: Social – Pn. Rohana bte. Saidin (Founder – Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah)
Category: Philanthropy – Mdm. Sin Kuan Lin (Founder – Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak Cacat Setia)
Category: Business – Datin Theresa Fong Nyok Yoon (Founder – Caely Holdings Bhd.)
Category: Professional – Mrs. Leelamoney Sinniah (prominent lawyer in Ipoh)
Category: Creative – Pn. Azizah bte. Mohd. Yusof (Tekat Benang Emas craftswoman)
Category: Public Service – Chong Phaik Kee (Pengarah Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Perak)
Category: Sports – Dato’ M. Rajamani (National Sportswoman Figure)

Mutiara Perak Awards Gala Night
some of the awardees

Mutiara Perak Awards Gala Night
and more awardees

Women of Inspiration Awards:

Category: Environmental – Donna Baylis (Canadian environmentalist residing in Ipoh)
Category: Arts & Culture – Pn. Rosenah bte. Shamsulaman (President of Badan Bangsawan Seri Perak)
Category: Media – Pn. Kamalachee a/p Letchmanan (prominent Tamil writer)
Category: Healthcare – Dr. Sumithra Sivasuntharam (Consulting Surgeon)
Category: Hospitality – Datin Julie Song (Founder – Indulgence Living)
Category: Entrepreneur – Nafsiah Yeop Abdullah (Founder – Tok Rendang Mak Nik)
Category: Social Activism – Dr. Sharifah Halimah bte. Jaafar (President – Perak Women for Women Society)
Category: Community Renewal – Sister Helena Vytialingam (Founder – Rose Virginie Good Shepherd Centre, Ipoh)
Category: Rural Development – Epa bte. Kampok (empowering Orang Asli children)
Category: Education & Child Development – Mdm. Lee Yam Sei (Director – Ipoh International School)

Mutiara Perak Awards Gala Night
women of distinction

Mutiara Perak Awards Gala Night
Point Blanc and his partner singing ‘Ipoh Mali’

Special Categories Award:
Property Development – Datin Irene Lee (Co-founder – Team Keris Berhad)
Animal Care – Dr. Goh Hue Liang (Founder – Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – ISPCA)
Ambassador of Perak Women – Dato’ Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng

Woman of True Beauty Award: Dato’ Dr. Madhuri Majumder

Mutiara Perak Awards Gala Night
invitations for Emily the event blogger

Eight Perak-born eminent ladies who are currently residing outside Perak were also given recognition at the same function. Check out their titles!

1. Toh Puan Umasundari Sambanthan
2. Tan Sri Ainum bte. Mohd Saaid
3. Datuk Justice (Rtd) Heliliah bte. Mohd. Yusof
4. Tan Sri Asiah bte. Abu Samah
5. Tan Sri Nuraizah bte. Abdul Hamid
6. Tan Sri Rafidah bte. Aziz
7. Tan Sri Robaayah bte. Zambahari
8. Tan Sri Chow Poh Kheng @ Rosemary Chong

OK… I’m getting crossed eyed typing out all these names. Nonetheless, congrats to the awardees!

Event: Mutiara Perak Awards Gala Night
Venue: Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites
Date: 29th April, 2012
Time: 8.30pm

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