Motorcycles For Five Lucky Ratepayers in Ipoh

Besides the five motorcycles, other major prizes given away in the lucky draw were five full HD LED television sets, ten different types of bicycles, an HP All-In-One personal computer, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, three units of Apple iPad Mini and five units of Samsung mobile phones of various models. There were also 200 consolation prizes.

1. Ipoh City Mayor Dato' Zamri Man in his welcome address
1. Ipoh City Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man in his welcome address

According to Ipoh City Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man, the city council has decided to offer five units of motorcycles as main prizes for a change. He said, “Last year, our grand prize was a car, and we could only have one winner. This year, we can spread the joy of winning with more entrants.”

This is an annual special lucky draw conducted by the Ipoh City Council, where qualified entrants were those who settled their Bil Cukai Taksiran (assessment tax bill) for the year in full, beginning December 2015.

2. speeches
2. speeches

13,700 early bird ratepayers also received a souvenir from the city council. These were given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Although all these prizes have cost the council as much as RM80,000 this year, the exercise has encouraged ratepayers to pay up in full as early as possible in order to participate in the lucky draw.

3. lucky draw in progress
3. lucky draw in progress

In 2015, the city council collected RM29.71 million, an increase of RM1.51 million or 5 percent compared to the same period in 2014, whereby RM28.2 million was collected.

In terms of receipts, 125,283 were collected in 2015. It was an increase of four percent or 4,927 compared to 2014.

Said Dato’ Zamri, “This is a positive sign that city folk are receptive of paying up their assessment bill in full in order to participate in our lucky draw.”

Event: Ipoh City Council Assessment Tax Lucky Draw
Venue: Ipoh City Council Office
Date: 11th March, 2016
Time: 8.30am

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  1. wow, pay something you should be paying and get rewarded? Ipoh city council is so kind! i would love to see the same in Penang too. tsk tsk tsk.

  2. Great initiative to get peoples to pay off. I will notify my parents in law in Ipoh to pay early and hopefully will win some prizes there.

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