Merry Christmas, Punjabi Style

This extremely cute video of a Punjabi-flavoured Jingle Bells song is, I am sure, making the rounds on the internet and via email this Christmas. I received it from two friends. It is so cute and catchy that I thought I should share it on my blog. I know I said that I wouldn’t update my blog until after Christmas but I guess I couldn’t wait to share this. Also, it wouldn’t hold the same meaning after Christmas!

I have been listening to too much of Born Rich theme songs lately from Gallen Lo’s On The Verge of Eternity to Kay Tse’s Two Rounds of Life plus the two inserts, Tiu De Haan’s remix version of O Come, O Come, Emmanual and the other Christian song, I Tell The World, looping them non-stop on my player every day since Born Rich concluded that I am sure would drive the household crazy if I do not use headphones that this Punjabi version of Jingle Bells makes a good break, even to myself. Take a listen if you haven’t yet! Enjoy!
With love

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