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Maimoon Palace / Istana Maimoen, Medan, Indonesia

Maimoon Palace Medan
1. Maimoon Palace, Medan

One of the recommended landmarks to visit while in Medan, Maimoon Palace or Istana Maimoon (sometimes spelt as Maimoen) is a beautiful and distinctive palace built by Sultan Ma’mun Al-Rashid Perkasa Alam in 1888.

Maimoon Palace Medan
2. frontage

Located in the centre of the Deli Kingdom, the Sultan’s son later developed the adjacent land into what we know as Medan today. The palace, of Italian architecture with Dutch, Spanish and Mogul influences, spots the contrasting colours of yellow and green, standing out majestically.

Maimoon Palace Medan
3. living room

There are about forty rooms in the palace but only the main room is open to the public. The palace is open to visitors daily from 8am until 5pm, at an entry fee of IDR5,000. Additionally, traditional music performances take place at 10am and 2pm on weekdays and at 2pm on weekends.

Maimoon Palace Medan
4. the royal throne

The current Sultan, Sultan Deli XIV Tuanku Mahmud Arya Lamantjitji Perkasa Alam was born in 1997 and ascended the throne when he was only 8 years old, following the death of his father in a plane crash. Without Royal Prerogative, the Sultan resides in Sulawesi with his mother.

Maimoon Palace Medan
5. one section of the palace

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