Let’s Help Keep Yasmin Ahmad’s Spirit Alive

After a year of the launch of Yasmin at Kong Heng (Yasmin Ahmad Museum in Ipoh), the museum is unfortunately running out of funds.

This museum is the brainchild of Yasmin’s mother, Mak Inom, who aspires to help in sharing her daughter’s legacy of harmony and sense of the ridiculous with all Malaysians. Through the project, it is hoped that more people will learn how Yasmin found her inspiration for the many award-winning achievements.

The volunteer group behind Yasmin at Kong Heng, who is made up of Yasmin’s friends, has bigger plans for the museum but charging only a nominal entrance fee of RM3 per person, which goes towards renovations, utilities and salary of a sitter, there is no surplus cash to do anything else, such as maintenance, let alone curate more exhibits.

This is also the reason why the museum is only open on weekends. Can you imagine the ridiculous chicken and egg scenario?

Despite the rent-free use of the premises, thanks to the generosity of the building owners, money is needed to include more exhibits and to do them appropriately.

How you can help…
The museum is collecting funds to do a curation of “Where did Yasmin get her inspiration from?” A crowd sourcing page has been set up where you can read about the purpose of the funds and how much is needed.

If you have a PayPal account, you can and without obligation pledge a minimum of US$10 to the cause. The amount will only be deducted from your account upon reaching the tipping point of US$17,500.

help keep Yasmin Ahmad's spirit alive
Yasmin Ahmad Museum crowd sourcing page

Why you should help…
Whether you are a fan of Yasmin or not, whether you live in Ipoh or elsewhere, no matter if you support the arts or otherwise, if you want to give the younger generation that little bit of inspiration to achieve great things just like Yasmin did, here is something that you can do to help realise it.

People often ask, “How come this museum is only open on weekends?” or “Why can’t this be a travelling museum so that it could reach more people?” Well, these are in the pipeline but there are more pressing matters to look into to keep this modest museum in Ipoh alive.

Yasmin left behind many inspiring poems, radio commercials and newspaper advertisements that need to be curated. It is so that Malaysians can learn how she got her ideas – these lovely insights are all around us in real Malaysian life. Malaysians can learn how to appreciate ourselves and laugh and make something beautifully imperfect out of our own lives.

Through this museum, Yasmin can teach Malaysians how to write scripts out of these wonderfully ridiculous things Malaysians do. That each and every Malaysian can do what she did. It may not be perfect but it is achievable. Like she had said, “We’re all beautifully imperfect anyway.”

Visit this page: Help Keep Yasmin Ahmad Museum Alive!

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  1. Yasmin Ahmad is one of my biggest inspirations! Love her work, humour, thoughts, love and kind heart. Sad that she left us so early, let’s keep her spirit alive!

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