Lenggong Archaeological Gallery

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
Lenggong Archaeological Gallery

I have visited Lenggong Valley, its archaeological Gallery and the major archaeological sites at least three times in the past year, since Lenggong Valley was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
diorama of daily life in prehistoric Teluk Kelawar Cave

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
pebble tools found at Teluk Kelawar Cave

But for anyone who is interested in archaeology, and particularly in the Perak Man and Perak Woman, there’s a lot of information and minute details to be acquired at the Lenggong Archaeological Gallery, that one has to spend a lot more time, and make even more trips to the town.

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
human skeleton found in Gua Cha Ulu, Kelantan dated 8000 years ago

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
upper floor of the gallery

I have written about the archaeological sites in a previous post, Lenggong Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, but this one focuses on the Archaeological Gallery only. Besides the many artifacts, it also has a chronology of the nomination process of obtaining the inscription as UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the nomination dossier.

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
nomination process of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
nomination dossier

Visiting hours:
Mon – Sat: 9am – 5pm
Fri: 9am – 12pm & 3pm – 5pm

Archaeological Gallery of the Lenggong Valley
Add: Department of National Heritage, 33400 Kota Tampan, Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-7679700
Fax: +605-7679703

email: lenggong@heritage.gov.my

Lenggong Archaeological Gallery
certificate of inscription

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  1. The Orang Asli of Lanoh and the Negrito tribes are descendants of the Perak Man, whose skeleton will soon be returned to Lenggong.

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