Lemang Ride @ Port Dickson International Bike Fest 2014

PD International Bike Fest
1. Negeri Sembilan State Tourism Exco Y.B. Tuan Tun Hairudin Abu Bakar (m) arrives

In an attempt to break the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest superbike rally in the country which saw the participation of 2,000 bikes at Putrajaya last year, the 12th Port Dickson International Bike Fest at Nouvelle Hotel attracted some 10,000 superbikes, ranging from all bike models and sizes.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

Jointly organised by the Negeri Sembilan Tourism Board, Seremban District Motorcycle Club (SDMC) and Nouvelle Hotel Port Dickson, Lemang Ride saw a positive impact on the tourism industry in the state, particularly Port Dickson, with the delegations of superbikers clubs from the United States, Australia and neighbouring countries, Thailand and Singapore.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

Lemang Ride @ Port Dickson International Bike Fest, in its 12th edition already, was this year organised in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014, a year filled with massive events.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

“Lemang Ride was only one of the many major events organised, to attract tourists to Negeri Sembilan, creating an air of excitement in the tourism industry within the state,” said Baharudin Jali, General Manager of Negeri Sembilan Tourism Board.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

Besides being a three-day gathering point for people with the same passion in superbikes, there were vendors selling motorcycling apparel, merchandise, accessories, motor parts, and even superbikes.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

Throughout the event, visitors were entertained by live music and various other performances such as snake show, but the most looked forward to were probably the auctions of motor parts, accessories and merchandise that were conducted throughout the three days.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

This year’s 12th Port Dickson International Bike Fest 2014, also known as Lemang Ride, was officiated by Negeri Sembilan State Tourism Exco Y.B. Tuan Tun Hairudin Abu Bakar, who aptly arrived to the venue riding a superbike too.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

For those who missed out on this year’s PD Bike Fest, I am afraid you have to wait for the 13th edition. Meanwhile, I hope my photos will whet your appetite.

PD International Bike Fest

PD International Bike Fest

Event: Lemang Ride @ 12th PD International Bike Fest
Venue: Nouvelle Hotel, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Date: 5th – 7th Sept, 2014
Time: full day

PD International Bike Fest
18. some of the bikers

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