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Learn Kung Fu In Ipoh

Chin Woo kung fu
learning kung fu @ Chinwoo, Ipoh

What do you usually do on a Sunday morning? A group of young boys and girls gather at the hall of Wisma Chin Woo, owned by Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association to learn kung fu. Students are divided into three groups according to their level of expertise – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Chin Woo kung fu
kung fu on a Sunday morning

I dropped by one recent Sunday morning whilst the children were hard at work, under the watchful eyes of their instructors, and some parents, who would take the trouble to accompany their children while they learn. Can you imagine that some of these kids are only five or six years old?

Chin Woo kung fu
young boys and girls sweating it out

Chinwoo Ipoh has actually been conducting kung fu classes for years already. Even though I knew about these classes, I never realised the hard work put into learning the martial art. The best thing is that parents only need to pay RM10 per month per child; that’s RM9 fees and RM1 for miscellaneous expenses. I was quite amazed that these classes are so heavily subsidised by the association.

Chin Woo kung fu
intermediate level

Spending time watching the children train, I really take my hat off to the instructors, who are so dedicated to the art – they ensure that each child could follow the pace; understand what’s being taught. Although basic Mandarin is the medium of instruction, non-Chinese have no problems following the classes. Yes, I chatted with the Malay and Indian kids.

Chin Woo kung fu
fighting with weapons

In addition to Sundays, extra training sessions are held, for a small additional fee, during school holidays, usually in the afternoon. Wow, talk about passion and dedication to art!

Learn Kung Fu in Ipoh. Training sessions:
Sunday – 10am – 12noon
Tuesday & Friday – 8pm – 10pm

Contact Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association (Persatuan Sukan China Chinwoo Ipoh).
Add: 36, Jalan Hussein, 30250 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates: N 04 35.346′ E 101 5.101′

Tel: +605-2544019 / +605-2415561
Fax: +605-2557303
email: iphcwoo@yahoo.com

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28 thoughts on “Learn Kung Fu In Ipoh

  1. Interesting…just a few enquiries? Do they just do kung fu? How about wushu? Any age barrier ?

  2. Wushu means “martial arts” so kung fu is also a type of wushu. Chin Woo teaches Chin Woo’s kung fu passed down from China.

    There’s no age barrier but adults can learn Tai Chi.

  3. i encourage teenagers to learn it especially gal, it can help protect urself from any dangers … kung fu , i love it

  4. Hi Sharen,

    Do call Chin Woo Ipoh office at 05-2544019 or 05-2415561 to find out the tai chi class schedule.

    You will also have to go there to register and pay the fees before you begin classes.


  5. hello, how can i apply for adult class ..
    i m 19 y/o

    best regards,

  6. Hi Fatin,

    Do drop by Ipoh Chin Woo office at 36, Jalan Hussein, 30250 Ipoh, to sign up.

    Office hours are:
    Mon – Fri: 9am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm
    Sat: 9am – 1pm

    Classes are not according to age, but level. So, you can join the beginners class.

  7. Hi
    I wanted to join for weekly classes from tuesday to sunday .. i am aged about 32 years … is this possible for me to learn kung fu..? if so i am ready to take admission right now… please feed back your opinion @

    H.P : 0182263640
    E-mail : hronline2k@gmail.com

  8. Hi Shekhar,

    Contact Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association at +605-2544019 / +605-2415561.

    They have classes for beginners.

  9. Thank you Emily for your kind and fastest reply… i just now talk over the phone with one of your executive and got the information on fee structure…

    What about the dress code during the training ? is it included with the fee or we need to buy a dress for the training? please let me know
    thank you.

  10. Hi Shekhar,

    As far as I am aware, you will have to purchase the t-shirt. Pants are your own track pants for sports.

    Anything else, please ask those who are in charge at Ipoh Chin Woo who will be able to give you accurate information.

    I am a third party blog.

  11. Hye. actually im intereset to sent my daughter learn wushu serios sport and actovity and want make 1 day myb represent for state or country if she talent to, is it this wushu club represent for perak state association or how?

  12. Hi Zhafri,

    Beginners start off with Junior Wushu Classes held every Sunday from 10am-12noon. Coach will spot potential of students and train them for all kinds of competitions, including state level and the World Chinwoo Wushu competition which is held annually abroad.

    Also, the Perak Wushu Association selects talented students from schools as well as Chinwoo Association to represent Perak state in competitions.

    The main factors are to start at an early age and display potential, in order to represent Perak.

    Hope this helps.

  13. hi, i would like to let my kids to join… can i walk in for registration/sign up on Sunday?

  14. Hi Yen.

    Contact Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association at +605-2544019 / +605-2415561 for registration procedure.

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