Learn How To Ride A Unicycle

Au Young Events invited Dirk Reese to Ipoh to conduct two free workshops on how to mount and ride a unicycle. Dirk, an American based in Penang, is a unicycle fitness and triathlon trainer.

At the recent two 2-hour workshops, held at Polo Ground, Dirk coached participants on how to mount and ride a unicycle. He provided free use of unicycles for all ages.

learn how to ride a unicycle
1. Dirk (M) coaching two participants on the basics of riding a unicycle

According to Dirk, anyone of any age, height or size CAN ride a unicycle, irrespective of whether one could ride a bicycle or not. The average time required to learn to ride a unicycle is 30 minutes a day for a week.

learn how to ride a unicycle
2. Dirk demonstrates the technique of balancing on a unicycle

Although many of us see riding unicycles as a circus act, Dirk wants to change the perception that unicycling is a serious sport. The 3 Fs of unicycling are Fun, Fitness and Focus. I just found out that there are about 7 types of unicycles, and prices start from RM370.

learn how to ride a unicycle
3. Dirk hops on the bench with his unicycle as Peter looks on

By creating awareness for unicycles here in Malaysia through free workshops, Dirk hopes that more people will ride together with him. The engineer, who quit his job to go into unicycling full-time, would like to conduct regular workshops in Ipoh, either once or twice a month.

learn how to ride a unicycle
4. Dirk with some of his workshop participants pose for a photo

Check out Dirk Reese’s Facebook Page for his workshop schedules and updates HERE.

Event: Workshops On How To Ride A Unicycle
Venue: Polo Ground, Ipoh
Date & Time: 29th Nov, 2014 – 5pm – 7pm / 30th Nov, 2014 – 8am – 10am

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