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Learn How To Make Ketupat

learn to make ketupat
Learn how to make ketupat from me, Au Young!

In a Raya mood, I was at Kinta City for “ketupat” weaving demonstration and workshop by Au Young the clown. Ketupat is actually ‘Malay rice dumpling’ but the ketupat here is used for display purpose only and not to be eaten.

learn to make ketupat
these are coconut leaves

learn to make ketupat
roll three times around your fingers

Au Young demonstrated how a ketupat is weaved, by using two strips of young coconut leaves. Participants followed suit, or at least, we TRIED to. There were prizes to be won, you see, and of course we tried our best.

learn to make ketupat
on both hands

learn to make ketupat
hands-on teaching

The art of weaving ketupat is not difficult but neither is it easy! All of us got our fingers in a tangle; even Au Young himself admitted that he took three days to learn the trick, and we were expected to pick up a new skill in ten minutes.

learn to make ketupat
it’s not easy, neither is it difficult

learn to make ketupat

After almost 30 minutes, most of us gave up. Still, prizes had to be given out and it was through fun and games. Haha! Since that workshop, I have been watching videos on Youtube on how to weave the ketupat casing. Am still totally clumsy and confused!

learn to make ketupat
just weave them

learn to make ketupat
a happy mother and her confused daughter

Event: Ketupat Weaving Demonstration & Workshop
Venue: Kinta City, Ipoh
Date: 18th Aug, 2012
Time: 5pm

learn to make ketupat
a family that learns to weave ketupat together, stays together…

learn to make ketupat
time to wrap up the ends

Organiser: Au Young Events
Address: 41, Jalan Merpati, Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. (opposite Kinta City)
Tel: +6017-5642822
Facebook: facebook.com/auyoungkk
email: auyoungevents@gmail.com

learn to make ketupat
Do you see how this is done?

learn to make ketupat
My ketupat - nice?

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