I first met Kareem when he was still a teenager, holding his first solo art exhibition here in Ipoh. Over these past few years, this articulate, trilingual young man continuously strives to invoke emotions through his art.

Abdul Kareem painter

Kareem Jaafar Azzuddin

While preparing for his next solo exhibition, Kareem is currently sharing his knowledge in art and painting through art sessions at his home. The fee for these three-hourly sessions four times a month is only RM100 monthly.

What can you expect to learn? Sketching, drawing, painting, using pencil, pastels, water colour, acrylic and oils, besides art history and theory.

art classes in Ipoh

learn art from Kareem

One does not need to have any prior knowledge in art or skills in painting. Above all, these sessions are open to adults too!

For further information, contact Kareem Jaafar Azzuddin directly at 014-3475004.

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