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Launch of IPOH: The Untold Story by H. Berbar

Award-winning photographer Halim H. Berbar (more popularly known as H. Berbar) is a French photojournalist who is based in Malaysia.

Following his successful Journey Through Penang; Journey Through Kuala Lumpur and Journey Through Malacca photo books, Berbar is set to launch a similar book of Ipoh, via his camera lens.

book cover
book cover

IPOH: The Untold Story is the name of the book. Readers can expect to have a fresh perspective of Ipoh city, as captured by Berbar.

Keen to attend the book launch or to secure an autographed copy of the book? RSVP your attendance by calling +6012-3932966 or email: untoldstoryasia@gmail.com by 15th March, 2020.

Event: Book Launch: IPOH: The Untold Story by H. Berbar
Venue: Tin Alley
Add: 3, Lorong Bijeh Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Date: 21st March, 2020
Time: 4pm – 7pm

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17 thoughts on “Launch of IPOH: The Untold Story by H. Berbar

  1. I liked the book, but found the pictures a bit boring and average. Nothing really jumped out as special? A bit disappointing.

  2. Hmmmmm, the pictures were a bit average, agreed. But its nicely presented and written though. I’m not sure about Mr. Halim’s pictures as being that great, taking into account what you see by other photographers, even amateurs these days. I’m 50/50 on this book, good team effort, but a bit also average on the pictorial.

  3. I think the pictures are just OK. Maybe nothing special sampah sarap? I have been to Ipoh and it was a rather boring place to be honest. Challenging photography taking. The people were charming and very friendly though. I returned the book and got a full refund. Just be sure you buy from a good book seller with refund if you are not happy. My choice Projek Rabak, in KL.

  4. As a travel or history guide I liked it. But the pictures by Berbar are more like amateur pictures.

  5. I’ve visited Ipoh and loved its charm. The book is nice, pictures so so, Photo’s could be better. Just walk about Ipoh and anyone can snap the same pictures? but I loved Ipoh and hope the pictures don’t put visitors off.

  6. Nah gambarnya agak membosankan. Saya melawat Ipoh beberapa tahun yang lalu, dan sangat menarik, saya akan kembali.
    Tetapi foto itu tidak berlaku adil. Tidak ada kesalahan kepada Berbar, tetapi ini hanyalah gambar ringkas ?? Mungkin itu standard Arab? Dan tidak menyinggung perasaan orang Arab.

  7. Nice book but boring pictures. Waste of money if you buy for the pictures. I have lived in Ipoh and have friends living there, it’s a shame it’s reflected in this way.

  8. I also been to Ipoh. Its old world charm delightful. This book is very nice, but don’t like the pictures, could easily do better photographer. Text good, pictures not good.

  9. Having visited the lovely Ipoh, the pictures by Halim Redar Berbar were not that impressive and don’t do this charming city justice. No offense to Mr Redar Berbar but the pictures look less than average. Book itself was a high quality made hardback, but I would not honestly recommend it because of its lack of good photography.

  10. No offence but I agree the pictures are poor. My 9 year old daughter who loves taking pictures could do better. I visit friends who live in Ipoh and these pictures are very amatueristic. Halim Redar Berbar should be ashamed?

  11. Why don’t you show me how much better you are at taking pictures if you think the pictures are amatueristic? Adakah anda orang bodoh? The book is very good.

  12. First of all,I would like to thanked Mr.Berbar for his hard work with The Untold Story of Ipoh.These a book produced by Amos HBL .A joint venture company with Amos,which is one of the most prominent construction company across Malaysia , owned by the founder who also born in Ipoh.Congratulations for both their achievement with this book.

    Secondly I would like to express my opinion for those who criticized this book.

    Kindly assess yourself before you comment here .If you are not one of the most famous photojournalist reporter in the world .Or you are have not won more than 17 international award.Please do not comment here as you do not have a right to criticize in such a manner.It shows that you people are just a bunch of savage who lacking manners and uncivilised.

    ask yourself,
    who would want to contribute in this type of project to boost tourism Malaysia if you lack of passion.

    rather than spend your time ,criticize with jealousy,must well you come out with some meaningful projects and contribute to your own country.

  13. Well quite frankly if this man has actually won 17 awards and is a famous photojournalist reporter then this make his pictures more the worse. I agree that some comments do seem a little too negative, but not savage? I have also seen the book and I am also not impressed with the content? Sorry if your feelings are hurt but that is the way it is?

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