Kuching Festival 2015

Kuching Festival Sarawak
1. Kuching Festival 2015

I arrived in Kuching in the midst of Kuching Festival. Although I didn’t know about it prior to my trip, I was soon informed of it and my local friend, Audrey Chong, took me there to check it out one evening.

Kuching Festival Sarawak
2. some of the more eye-catching food stalls at Kuching Festival 2015

Here, I would like to record my appreciation to Audrey for taking the trouble to do so; braving the horrendous traffic and bearing with parking woes to ensure that I did not miss out on an eye-opening experience when I was visiting her city.

Kuching Festival Sarawak
3. the food!

Kuching Festival, also sometimes known as Kuching Festival Food Fair, is an annual mega event that incorporates food, flower & garden, night bazaar and funfair. It is part of the Cat City’s plan to boost local tourism.

Kuching Festival Sarawak
4. the food!

Throughout the almost one month the festival is held, usually in August, besides food which plays an integral part of the event, other attractions include dramatic performances, musical concerts, exhibitions, essay writing competitions and more.

Kuching Festival Sarawak
5. Kuching Festival Garden Show

During my visit to the festival, I was simply amazed by the variety of mouth-watering food available for sale. However, as a tourist, it was a tough task searching for local fare such as kolo mee and Sarawak laksa. They are too common; therefore not offered at the exposition.

These photos are just a small number of what I managed to shoot of the massive festival. I definitely hope to visit again and have more time to explore it.

Event: Kuching Festival 2015
Venue: Dewan Masyarakat, Kuching, Sarawak
Date: 31st July – 23rd August, 2015
Time: 6pm – 11pm

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