Taman Rama-Rama Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park [Butterflies]

Taman Rama Rama Kuala Lumpur

When I first arrived in Kuala Lumpur on 23rd March, 2010 for my long awaited holiday, my friend and host, Careyne, asked me what my plans were. I didn’t have any plans at all. I sort of just packed my bags and went with the flow. Everything would be new to me. It’s not that I have never been to Kuala Lumpur before but the last time I was there, besides the window shopping in Suria KLCC trip one afternoon in late February, was so long ago, everything has changed. This trip would be like a totally new experience for me.

butterfly in its glory

Careyne decided that we should visit Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park and we did, one afternoon, on the day that we were to celebrate Earth Hour that night. Yes, what a totally hectic day it was!

fluorescent yellow butterfly

fluorescent green butterfly

Entrance ticket to the KL Butterfly Park was MYR8 per person for Malaysians. Can you imagine, foreigners had to pay double this and those with cameras will have to pay an additional MYR2. I hope my memory serves me right.

green butterfly

red dot butterfly

We spent about an hour in the park; it was a hot afternoon so at least we managed to see what the butterfly park has to offer. I took a lot of photos of the butterflies and man-made habitat that is the park. Going through the photos just now, I think I will have to split my photos into two posts; one focusing on the butterflies and the other post to follow will focus on the greenery of the park.

polkadot butterfly

bright orange butterfly

Let me just say that I have no knowledge of butterflies at all so if you are looking for the species of specific butterflies, then sorry to say that I cannot provide you with that information. But if you don’t mind just appreciating the beauty of butterflies, one of many God’s amazing creations, then I believe you would find these photos enjoyable enough.

moth butterfly

yellow butterfly

It certainly was not easy capturing the various butterflies on camera. Many tourists were armed with mean looking DSLR cameras and yet a Caucasian lady told me, shaking her head, that it was “impossible” to shoot the butterflies! What was really impossible was not capturing the butterflies on camera but capturing them with their wings spread out. They hardly do unless they were flying but then they would be all over the place, everywhere except within the frame of your camera lens!

a butterfly resting

butterflies drinking

The park is not very large but has plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. It’s simply beautiful just seeing the butterflies feed on hibiscus flowers and sliced pineapples. I had no idea they like pineapples!

feeding butterflies

disfigured butterflies

I noticed that there were quite a number of butterflies that lay dead on the ground and some were disfigured. I later came across some Middle Eastern tourists who caught the butterflies between their fingers and placed the poor butterflies on their shoulders trying to get a good photo of themselves with the butterflies. Obviously this is not possible? No wonder so many of them had their wings damaged, and some died probably because of this mishandling too.

yellow black butterfly

white striped butterfly

Although spending time at the KL Butterfly Park is an experience by itself, I would say that the attraction level of the Park for a return visit is pretty low. What do you think? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it!

 tiger butterfly

With love

4 thoughts on “Taman Rama-Rama Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park [Butterflies]

  1. Thanx for the information. I was searching for information on Taman Rama² KL and found ur blog here. I did enjoy reading ur post. The best parts is, u also stated the entry fee (^_^)V

  2. Hi Adi!

    Thanks for leaving a comment. At least I know someone is reading and that my post provided useful info! If you visit the butterfly park, I hope you will enjoy your trip! 🙂

  3. i want to ask , at taman rama2 KL, they sell a butterfly in frame or not ? i need for my biology project 🙁

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