Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong in Selama (Perak)

Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong (Raja Bersiong’s Hideout), or simply Kota Raja Bersiong, is located at the fringes of a forest in Mukim Ijok, Selama, adjacent to a small oil palm holding.

1. Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong
1. Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong

Raja Bersiong, said to be the 4th descendant of Merong Mahawangsa, was believed to be a tyrannical king from the neighbouring state of Kedah. The story goes to say that one day, his cook suffered a cut on the finger while preparing food for the ruler. After consuming the blood-tainted food, Raja Bersiong kept needing to be fed blood, to the point of killing his subjects just for blood.

2. Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong
2. Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong

Because of this Dracula trait, he was wanted by authorities, causing him to be on the run. Raja Bersiong and his men were said to have hidden under some rocks, and even threw parties on the plateau above one of the large rocks.

Whether this happened for real it is hard to tell. However, when Raja Bersiong’s hideout was first discovered, furniture, pots and pans, etc. were found.

3. Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong
3. Kota Persembunyian Raja Bersiong

Do visit this place for some photos and its history, and allow your imagination to run wild. Putting yourself in the shoes of Raja Bersiong or a member of his entourage, do you think you could survive without modern amenities?

For more information about Selama, contact Selama District Council directly.

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