Kompia Sibu (Jason Bakery)

kompia biscuit
sesame seed kompia

A local delicacy that one must try while in Sibu is “kompia”; a variant of it is also available in Sitiawan, Perak. However, the ones sold in Sitiawan are larger in size.

kompia biscuit
cheese kompia

kompia biscuit
the original kompia

That’s because kompia, also known as Chinese bagel, is from the Foo Chow community, early Chinese immigrants in these two towns.

kompia biscuit
the process begins

kompia biscuit
making kompia

In fact, the biscuit, pronounced locally as kompia, which is a Hokkien word, was created in the 16th century in Fujian Province, Southern China when it was common for the local men to go into a two to three-day ‘war’. The bagels, about ten to twenty pieces of them, were strung together into a necklace, for convenience in settling the hunger pangs of the warriors, while they were away doing their duty in protecting their village.

kompia biscuit
flattening the dough with a rolling pin

kompia biscuit
spraying with water

At Jason Bakery, we were able to see for ourselves how kompia is actually baked, very much like the baking of heong piah.

kompia biscuit
sprinkling sesame seeds

kompia biscuit
sticking them onto the wall of the stove

The pieces round-shaped dough are stuck to the sides of the round oven, which are also directed at with a hot blower for quicker baking, usually done in just ten minutes.

kompia biscuit
drying them with a blower to quicken the process

kompia biscuit
it’s time to collect them

There are many varieties of kompia these days, including those with sesame seeds and cheese-flavoured. Kompia snacks are sold here at Jason Bakery at 40 sen each, or RM1 for four.

kompia biscuit
here you go

kompia biscuit
ready to be served

Kompia is available at Jason Bakery daily from 6.30am onwards until they are sold out, usually before noon. The shop is closed one day a month, the second or third Wednesday of the month, unless the proprietors are on vacation.

kompia biscuit

kompia biscuit
Ellisan (L) & Eddie (R) try out the kompia biscuits

Jason Bakery
Add: 69, Rejang Park Shopping Centre, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.
Tel: 016-8695000

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  1. Cynthia Goh 17DEC Morning take…

    Cheese Kompia
    RM5 x 6袋 = RM30

    Original Kompia RM5

    Sesame seed Kompia RM2

    contact : 0122103334

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