Karnival Moon Cake @ Ipoh

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mooncake festival Ipoh

In an attempt to get more good shots, I unwittingly followed the lantern parade. The procession was quite a long walk and hundreds of people took part! It would be more fun if I had a lantern with me, and if I could just forget about taking shots, at least for the duration of the walk.

mooncake festival Ipoh
Vivien Liang entertains the crowd

mooncake festival Ipoh

After that, it was time for a press conference. The celebration ended with a display of fireworks at 11pm. Long day indeed!

mooncake festival Ipoh

mooncake festival Ipoh
two Chinese characters

The Mooncake Festival (or Lantern Festival) is actually known as Mid-Autumn Festival (a harvest festival) and it falls on the fifteenth day of the eight moon (month) on the Chinese Lunar calendar. This year, it is celebrated on 12th September, 2011. Let me take this opportunity to wish you, “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!”

mooncake festival Ipoh

Event: Karnival Moon Cake (Mooncake Festival)
Venue: Bazaar Bulat (formerly Yau Tet Shin Market)
Date: 11th Sept, 2011
Time: 8am – 11pm

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