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Ipoh Smart Bike Rental Service

While checking out the latest development in town, I came across a smart bike rental service. This is not a new idea (KL has oBike), but is lately introduced in the city by the company, CycleDios.

1. CycleDios bikes parked at Station Plan B
1. CycleDios bikes parked at Station Plan B

How does one utilise the bicycle that is parked by the roadside?

First, download the CycleDios app from App Store (iOS) or PlayStore (Android) to your smart phone. Then, register for an account via the mobile app. If you already have an account, sign in.

2. bike rental instructions
2. bike rental instructions

Purchase credit to begin using the bicycle rental service. Search for a bike, and complete the application for insurance.

Once that is done, unlock the bike by scanning the QR code. Once unlocked, you are free to ride it, at a rate of RM1.20 per 30 minutes.

When you are done, park the bicycle at the nearest designated parking station. Manually pull the bike’s lock to end your rental. Remember this crucial step or you will be charged continually.

 3. CycleDios
3. CycleDios

Although I did not rent a bicycle myself, I think it is convenient for tourists to have access to a bicycle for short distance visits around town.

Have you rented a CycleDios bike before, or used a similar bike renting service?

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7 thoughts on “Ipoh Smart Bike Rental Service

  1. This is a brilliant idea. Then again we need to have the right mentality to use this bike. It is saddening to note that a lot of Malaccans are abusing this bike rental service in Melaka. They steal the bikes for their own use. *sigh*

  2. This is a good way to save time looking for parking and petrol, be environment friendly and for health too. I believe in future they can do better and educate users. In my recent trip to Dublin, bikes can kept and maintain well by public and stationed at many designated areas within the city so residents can park in proper places. Which I feel impressive and our country should do this same

  3. Hi, my name is ayu, i want to ask you about how to rent this bicycle. is 1 apps just can to rent 1 bicycle or we can rent more just using 1 apps?

  4. Hi Ayu,

    As far as I am aware, it is one app for one bike. Maybe you can call the company for clarification at 013-505 5068 during regular working hours.

  5. Awful for tourists. One app for one bike and a minimum deposit of 30RM. And no way of getting that credit back again.

  6. Very bad app. Cannot get back the money put in, keeps crashing, and cannot use on more than 1 bicycle. I highly advice to NOT use this piece of rubbish.

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