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Ipoh Parade K-Street Carnival is Back!

It’s the second half of 2018 already and Malaysians are still very much obsessed with Korean food, culture and tradition; basically, anything remotely Korean. That’s how strong the Korean Wave (Hallyu) is!

To douse (or feed) this fever, depending on how one looks at it, Ipoh Parade is hosting a carnival that spotlights Korean culture, to further introduce a variety of Korean-themed attractions and activities to the masses.


Following the success of last year’s inaugural Korean Carnival, this time, Ipoh Parade is working closely with Korean organisations: Shin Sun Mi, Gyeonggi MICE Bureau and the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation.

This K-Street Carnival kicks off on 3rd July and wraps up on 8th July. Here is the schedule:

3rd – 8th July
10am – 10pm: Mini Korean Fair
10am – 10pm: Phototaking with Hanbok

6th – 8th July
10am – 10pm: Korean themed Arts & Crafts

7th July
12pm: Kimchi Making Workshop
2pm: Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge
3pm: Golden Bell Quiz
6pm: Spicy Topokki Challenge
8pm: Golden Bell Quiz

8th July
12pm: Large Bibimbap Demo
2pm – 6pm: K-Pop Dance Cover Competition
7pm: Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge
8pm: Golden Bell Quiz

Highlight of the carnival is, no doubt, the much anticipated K-Street K-Pop Dance Cover Competition! Jointly organised with Peanut Butter Studio and the Rejuvenate Dance Crew, the competition begins on 8th July, at 2pm.

photoshoot during the launch at Ipoh Parade
photoshoot during the launch at Ipoh Parade

Participants compete against one another in a battle that prioritises flawless mimicry of their favourite K-Pop groups. Therefore, points are given based on impersonation, recreation and emulation of a single, uninterrupted dance choreography by famous K-Pop groups.

Groove like K-Pop stars and stand a chance to win prizes worth over RM4,500. For entry forms and further information, log on to Ipoh Parade’s official Facebook Page.

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3 thoughts on “Ipoh Parade K-Street Carnival is Back!

  1. Wahh! K-Street K-Pop Dance Cover Competition? Would love to see them dance! Some of our Malaysian dancers are very talented!

  2. Ipoh Parade? Macam teringat dekat mall Ipoh Parade Yang Pernah Ada Dulu.. huhu.. Paling nak tengok K-Pop Dance Cover Competition tu.. bestnya .. kena balik Ipoh kalau macam ni..

  3. Will there be at KL also? This festival looks like something I like to go, the event itinerary looks really happening too. Hope I am there!!

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