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Ipoh Car-Free Day Relocates to Greentown

The monthly Ipoh Car-Free Day programme will relocate to Greentown beginning tomorrow (22nd Dec). Yes, this month’s event will be held at a new location for trial run, according to a statement from the Ipoh City Council.

The exact roads to be closed for this purpose can be seen from the map shown below, highlighted in yellow; from the junction of MP BBQ Steamboat, right up to the junction in front of the Ipoh City Council building / Dataran Bandaraya, just before Ipoh Parade shopping mall. The side lane of Ipoh City Council building to Ipoh Convention Centre will also be closed to traffic.


This trial run is conducted to study traffic flow impact and to identify solutions for issues that may arise for the local residents and businesses.

The Ipoh Car-Free Day programme was launched in 2015 and was hosted on the fourth Sunday of every month from 6.30am until 10.30am, along Jalan Raja Dihilir. Due to popularity and increasing number of participants, its location is deemed no longer suitable for this car-free day exercise, hence this relocation.


It is the Council’s aspiration that this new location will be more convenient and comfortable to all parties involved, including road users, and at the same time, continue to support its initiative to make Ipoh City low in carbon footprint.

Event: Ipoh Car-Free Day
Venue: Greentown, Ipoh
Date: 22nd Dec, 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 6.30am – 10.30am

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