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Much as I love Ipoh and am doing my part to promote it, there is no denying that Ipoh is not a convenient city to visit without a car. Public transport is grossly unreliable – taxis are not budget-friendly and buses run on their own secret route.

One could rent a car while in Ipoh, but the trend now is bicycle rental. I say trend because we have to admit that cycling in Malaysia is not conducive. The weather is either too hot or too wet.

And if you have visited bicycle-friendly countries such as the Netherlands, you would wonder why we cannot emulate them by paving dedicated lanes for bicycles.

Ipoh Heritage Bicycle Rental
cycling in Ipoh

Anyway, there are visitors to Ipoh who are up to a new experience, and that is to rent a bicycle to visit some areas, such as Old Town, either for its food, wall murals or heritage sights.

There is a shop in Kongsi Square along Kinta Riverwalk that rents out cicyles just for this purpose. They have bicycles for children, adult + child, adult tandem, single seater and family. Rental starts from RM5 to RM15 per half an hour.

A refundable deposit of RM10 has to be paid and if there is damage to the bicycle upon returning it, a compensation fee has to be paid, from RM5 to up to RM1,8000 depending on the severity of it.

Ipoh Bicycle Rental
Office: Kongsi Square, Kinta River Walk, Ipoh
Tel / SMS: +6012-5558503 / +6018-4644692 / +6019-9356726
Facebook: Micias Mica
Email: miciasmam@gmail.com

Business hours: 3pm – 11pm (Tues – Sun, including Public Holidays)

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